Female – Age 31: At the 6 month mark, life is only getting better

I thought when I reached 90 days of NoFap, I would have seen all the benefits of my experiment. At the six-month mark, life is only getting better.

To be fair, early on, I started a meditation practice to teach my brain to control the urges. Every day now, I sit for at least ten minutes. Its a combination of meditating and NoFap that brought about all the great changes in my life.

Before I was always filling voids in my life. Masturbation was probably my biggest addiction, but shopping, food, alcohol, sex, TV and online dating all helped me stay in denial. When I slowly starting getting rid of my addictions, I was left with such horrible emotional pain. Meditating was a huge challenge. It forced me to unequivocally accept my reality, warts and all.

I’ve come to realize that you’ve got to get comfortable with the gaps in life. The silence between thoughts, the pause between breaths, the space between things. It’s where the magic happens. Now, without that stillness, life feels bleak and hollow. I crave the downtime.

On the outside, I am so much more confident. I stand up for myself at work. I’m no longer a pushover. I don’t take things personally the way I used to. I’ve really accepted that everyone has their own journey, not everything is about me.

Everything about sex is better. Orgasms come so much easier. I definitely get more attention from the opposite sex. I’m not as nervous when good-looking men talk to me. I’m getting better at making eye contact, flirting, and smiling.

Most importantly, I have empathy. I’m not afraid to connect with people, and I’m no longer pushing them away. All the relationships in my life are improving. I understand where others are coming from. It makes conflict resolution a breeze. Because I can grasp others’ perspectives, I’m also not manipulated the way I used to be. There is so much less drama in my life. I’ve gone out and made some excellent friends. They feel like family and that’s so important when you’re single in a big city. Because I’m not lonely, I’m not binge eating. I’ve lost weight. I’m the best I’ve looked in years.

For the first time since I was a child, I’m genuinely happy. For me, NoFap was an amazing tool to start making things in my life right. The best way to describe it, is it made more human. Masturbating too often seems to reinforce the mentality of independence almost to a level of sickness. From what I can tell, my NoFap experiment has been a huge success. Much love faptronauts!!!

LINK – 180 Day Report – It Only Gets Better

by infinitisimal