Female – Age 32 (lesbian): Social Anxiety is going away. I would just stay at home & not go out for 1 month


First of all, I am not an English Native-speaker. Therefore, I apologize for my grammar mistakes. I am a 32 years old woman who lives in Asia for nearly my entire life. I have been fapping really hard, since I was 12 years old. And, around this year September, and my health condition wasn’t that optimistic, because my kidney is painful on both sides, and I often feel fatigue and tired that I have to sleep 12 hours per day.

One day, I was searching on YouTube videos, and I suddenly found a video related to nofap by a young girl. So, I was expecting this NoFap journey will improve my health gradually. Also, I want to mention that I am a lesbian since I was in elementary school, and I had 2 real girlfriends in the past.

Benefits from NoFap

  • Social Anxiety is gone gradually, because I used to have this issue for a long time since I was fapping at young age.
  • Not as introverted as before, I was so self-closed before and I would just stayed at home and not going out for 1 month, and I was so afraid to talk to other people, but since I was on nofap I could make eye contact with people that I am having conversation with.
  • More energetic than before,
  • Lost 5kg – eating healthier
  • Lastly I am seeking another romance.

LINK – day 90- for woman!

by yoyo63love