Female – He has energy and confidence and is now A MAN

I’m a woman. Honestly, from my perspective I see that no PMO can benefit your overall health, relationship, love, intimacy, everything together. You and everyone you come into contact with 🙂

My boyfriend started nofap about 2 months ago relapsing 1 month and 2 weeks ago. The benefits I have seen so far are that

  • he smells better since he has more testosterone,
  • he is able to build more at the gym too cause of it.
  • overall he’s so sexy and appealing now which i attribute to the attractiveness of testosterone,
  • his motivation, and that he’s doing this despite natures will and showing self restraint,
  • also his hair is fuller.
  • skin softer and more radiant and just overall he looks healthier.
  • He has more confidence and energy and is just, A MAN.
  • Even when he touches me slightly or I smell his breath I’m pretty much already wet.
  • He looks people in the eye more and he talks more to people and is more social. He used to never speak to anyone and if he did it was monotone and he’d never look at them. Now he truly smiles laughs and enjoys talking to people.
  • His and my friends seem to come out more rather than make excuses and everyone seems to have a better time 🙂
  • He and I also both see that his depression and anxiety (when hes not in a flatline or in a nofap depression) has been phenomenally better and even when in a depression its nowhere near as bad as it would be.
  • He’s so much more honest and open now too.
  • His alcoholism which he noticed on his own and opened up to me about has also gotten better. He stopped biting his nails now too. He also in general doesn’t hide his hands as much.
  • He’s more affectionate and he also seems to desire me more, touch me more, stare at me more. It’s absolutely amazing 🙂

The change was so humongous and overwhelming (in the best way), and we are so happy together 😀

My boyfriend and I before had a VERY rough relationship, to the point being with him made me feel more alone than when I was alone. He would never give me affection, touch me, we never had sex, he constantly said he was never horny or anything. I’m definitely a beautiful woman and had a high sex drive and would even pull him into bed and be naked and he would turn me down day after day after day. I found out he watched 6 hours of porn a day 3 hours every morning and 3 hours everynight, before and after id be with him. A portion of his collection of his porn also included his EX.

He realized he had a problem and it took him a VERY long time of denial depression anger and hopelessness…but once I found out the root of everything I supported him and he decided he wanted to make a big change 🙂 And hes well on his way and nobody is any more surprised or more proud than I am 🙂

Hope you get to reap the benefits we have and if you haven’t yet(especially since its hard for someone to notice things in themselves) I hope you hold on <3 PEOPLE WILL NOTICE AND HOPEFULLY YOU DO TOO! 😀 Love you all and I’m proud of everyone doing this 🙂

The awesome benefits I’ve seen

by Skyrerm