Female – I had a PMO Problem, Husband joined me in no PMO, Experience Is Interesting

I joined this site a couple of weeks ago because I had gotten to the point where I was staying up all night, every night, looking for porn to find something that would get me off, allowing me to fall asleep. Usually I’d spend 3-4 hours of looking for the “right” porn or erotica, but sometimes that would extend to 5-6 hours sessions if I didn’t feel satisfied with the orgasm, and go looking for a second.

I’ve been doing this on and off throughout the years, but it had gotten particularly bad and my sleep issues were so terrible I had to go see a doctor.

In any case, I told my husband about no-PMOing and while he’s not an extreme addict, he’s been PMOing maybe once a day or every other day for over a decade.

Curious about the concept, he decided to try it as an experiment. Some of the results were described in my journal, but in short, after several days of no-PMOing, he reported an unprecedented increase in his energy and sex drive. But more importantly for him, he felt mentally alert, like a decades-long “brain fog” had finally lifted. Oh yeah, and no more ED issues, something he’d encounter now and then and attribute to “whiskey dick”, but he’s able to drink and maintain a harder erection now than he did when we were kids, over a decade ago.

When he finally O’ed after a few days, he came to the conclusion that it wasn’t just porn and masturbation that was contributing the fog, but the actual O itself, and after he did some research, I think he found out about Karezza, which I believe has been mentioned here.

Anyway, we’ve been having a ton of sex, since his libido has been extremely high (whereas before I always felt like I had the higher libido, which has been a fact for me and all my relationships with men.)  He’s also become much more affectionate and playful. He enjoys his O-free physical and mental state so much, he’s limiting to himself about one O every week or two. He says after O, it takes him about 2-3 days to get back to “normal” and for the fog to lift.

I wish I could say not O-ing has had similar effects for me, but if they exist, they’re far more subtle and I have no idea if it’s had a net positive or negative in my life yet. I really hope I can hear from more women eventually, since I’m just a single data point.

I will say that I am extremely happy to not spend 3-5 hours a night looking for porn and completely wrecking my sleep, and consequently, energy everyday. All those hours to produce 3 seconds of pleasure that evaporates, only to have to cycle through it again the next night. I feel this was not a good use of my time.

Orgasms, and porn and masturbation addictions, are such an interesting topic, and it’s curious that their aftereffects haven’t been studied very closely by Western science. It’s fascinating to see this self-selected group of people who are no-PMOing to explore its effects.

As stated here and elsewhere, it seems like O takes a lot of energy for men. So it seems like a good thing to save those O’s for where you will be getting the most benefit.

LINK – I had a PMO Problem, Husband joined me in noPMO, Experience Is Interesting

BY – Citrik