Female – Things that have really changed for me

  1. I’m much, much more feminine. Wear dresses instead of a wrinkled t-shirt and dirty shorts.
  2. Care a lot what I look like.
  3. More patient with people.
  4. Less creeped out by male attention.
  5. Think of my bf as a person now and less as a sex-deliverer. (I think of being held by him vs his penis etc)
  6. Think of myself as less of a sex-object (didn’t realise how often I looked at my own body sexually till I quit PMO)
  7. Have more energy (but that could be the raw food diet)
  8. More optimistic
  9. Higher stamina (for running)
  10. More flirty (which is not good for someone in a LDR)

Yep. What’s helped is recognizing that it was internet that I was addicted to not necessarily porn. Also recognizing that I am a very addict-y person (smoker/drinker/cheater) basically just very hedonistic and its all about trying to escape reality.

When I decided to re-enter reality, my life got calmer but I have to be vigilant cause once an addict always an addict.

LINK – This is weird: Things that have changed for me. [Female]

by africanprincess