For everyone who thinks nofap/pornfree is a placebo.

I’ve just recently discovered nofap after years of rampant porn addiction (2/3 times a day). I’ve realized that I’ve had a porn addiction before and decided to rid myself of it and but have always found myself back at where I began (2/3 times a day). Twice before in my life I decided to go without porn. Both of these times it was before I discovered the nofap reddit, YBOP, or much else that would have really told me what my problem was.

Time #1: I gave up porn no long before I began my third year of college. I fapped occasionally, but not really very often because I wasn’t watching porn. I installed K9, created an email and password that I couldn’t access and tried to stop watching porn. I lasted quite a while. Without knowing what I was experiencing I declared a double major, found a girlfriend, and began the beginning of a great year. I felt great. Eventually though, I relapsed. Somehow I found a way to get around my K9 blocker and stared to fapping to tube sites, which evolved into downloading and collecting many GBs worth of porn.

I did eventually lose my GF, though not from any fault of my own (went crazy, mental institution, etc). This caused me to fall deeper into my addiction and I was lost again to the dark world of internet porn for another year or so.

Time #2: After a depressing summer of porn and fapping addiction I again came to the conclusion that I had a problem. I gave up porn (again not considering giving up fapping) and resolved that I wouldn’t ever use it again. I moved to another country and was so busy (in addition to sharing a room with another guy) that I had no time for fapping. I fapped a few times with over a few months but didn’t worry about it too much since I was so busy with the excitement of new people and new experiences.

During this time I felt great. I had extreme confidence. I enjoyed talking to girls. Especially I enjoyed the chase. I got drunk one night and asked one girl on a date and took another one home. (Maybe not very respectable – but the point is I had extreme confidence. Also, being drunk was only part of the story. Being drunk before in my life before usually led to 3am cheeseburgers and fapping.) Long story short I ended up dating the girl I took home.

Now: Not many months ago I lost the GF from the above story. She left me. I consciously made the decision to use fapping to porn to numb the pain. It worked for a little while, then it just distracted me. I went on a three month extreme porn binge, collected appx. 500GB worth of porn, and fapped 2/3 times a day. It was probably one of the worst periods of my life.


1st: Without the knowledge of nofap and its obvious benefits I have participated in it before. The increased confidence, sex drive, etc. that I experienced were a result of nofap and not because I had convinced myself that nofap was going to bring it to me. Each prolonged nofap I successfully scored and built a relationship with a real girl. (For all the shittiness I atheist learned something.) Repeat: I had no knowledge of nofap and its benefits before now, just the benefits of porn abstention.

2nd: The chaser effect. It is real. After sex I could feel my crotch begging me to fap. I did. This eventually led me to porn, and back to my very real addiction. While not necessarily a deal breaker in itself, it was definitely a contributing factor in my most recent breakup. Do not get sucked into this. I learned the hard way.

I am now into my third attempt at nofap. I am again experiencing the benefits that made me so happy the when I tried before. The difference is now I have the added benefit of the nofap subreddit, YBOP, and a host of other resources. I am thankful for this.

Protip: PMO can destroy and waste your life. Get disgusted with yourself and resolve never to touch that shit again (porn especially). If you are like me and in your 20s then you at the height of your sexual prowess and you should be out there making fake babies into a rubber (be safe!) and not cumming on your own chest for the third time that day.

Again the point is this: nofap is real and I experienced it before I even knew what it was. Give it a chance and you will be better off for it. Be strong fapstronauts!

LINK – For everyone who thinks nofap is a placebo.

by jimminycrick