Fourteen-month report: my brain is completely back to normal for the most part

Overcoming porn addiction has stages As a former porn addict for two years, I can attest that porn addiction is like a chisel hitting at a rock repeatedly, slowly breaking it down. That is what pornography is essentially doing to your brain through an extended period of time. It takes a long time for the effects to be noticeable, but when they are, it is devastating.

I noticed that after one year of pornography addiction, I wasn’t as rational and mature as I used to be, and that my attraction to women had declined. I was still me for the most part, but I definitely wasn’t all there. I continued on with my addiction unknowingly. After two years of pornography addiction, the effects were quite noticeable as I became a shell of my former self, and my attraction to women was little to nothing.

Then I began the hard road to recovery, which was not an easy process, but completely necessary. After I quit, I noticed that I became very lazy and depressed, which was probably a result of my brain being deprived of the dopamine/adrenaline that it craved after those two years. I slowly began to return to normal, but I’d relapse after a month or so, which only made my recovery more difficult.

Then finally after 7 months, I began to feel like my normal rational self again. However, I still felt like I wasn’t 100% healed, it wasn’t until after 9 months, that I decided to undergo a highly disciplined routine of meditation and regular exercise. After these habits were trained into my mind, I noticed significant improvements in my well being, spiritually, intellectually and physically. Then after five months of doing this I finally felt fully recovered.

Looking back, it was a disastrous road I was heading down during my porn use, and an incredible fight once I decided to quit.

I know pornography addiction is a very serious chemical addiction and what I’ve experienced in the past years is living proof of that.

Being to able to overcome something like this has made me a stronger and wiser person, but in the other hand it has robbed years from me that I will never be able to get back. I wish luck to those that are suffering now.

There is definite hope of recovery and of returning your brain to normal, as I can now say that my brain is completely back to normal for the most part.

I highly recommend you use meditation and exercise in your recovery as this can speed up the process. Also, controlling masturbation in general is a good idea, as this can give you more energy that can be used positively.


by Former Porn Addict (guest)