Full Erections After 3 Months No PMO

Reboot Success Stories: Full Erections After 3 Months No PMO

Hi guys. Today, I received a great email from a reader that I want to share. James (not his real name) has been off PMO for 3 months and has seen some BIG improvements.

I love getting these kind of emails, because it inspires me to keep writing and working on ways to help more guys recover from porn addiction and porn-induced erectile dysfunction. I hope his email below inspires you guys to keep going with your reboot!


Hey Brian,

I don’t know if you’ll use this, but I think you should. I’ve read your website and since staying off porn/masturbation/fantasy/orgasm….my sensitivity is returning! It’s amazing, I feel so much better in everything.

I used to watch as much as 30 videos a day sometimes, I’d even do it over eating, bathing, and studying. My grades were dropping and I couldn’t really focus. But the main issue I found, is that I lost my ability to get an erection. I’d say within a span of 9 months, I maybe got a full erection 8 times. It was a killer to me and I felt like I’d never have a girl, I planned to just stay to myself. For some time, I had no idea why no matter how hard I trained or what I ate……my ability to get and stay hard just would not improve.

It turns out high speed porn numbs dopamine receptors due to endless novelty, which decreases the signals your penis needs from your brain to channel erections and proper bloodflow. My anxiety was at an all time high and I’d freak out pretty bad sometimes when women tried to talk to me, my head was just a mess. I’ve since given up porn for about 3 months and my sensitivity is returning. I’m getting FULL erections without even trying and I stay hard. I am so happy with how well the blood flows now, good blood flow is the lifeline of a solid erection. I’m amazed….it’s like magic, but it’s not magic it’s science. Porn knocks your brain off track, which knocks your erections off track. My performance in video games and my studies have improved dramatically since giving up porn as well, I feel better overall.

Guys, if you want a better life you have to put the porn down. In the long run, it just isn’t healthy.

Our ancestors didn’t have high speed porn and they didn’t need it, neither do you. Don’t wait until you can’t maintain an erection to get a clue, take one from me.