Gay man – 53 days: life is so much better

NoFap is a very hard journey, and most people out there can’t even imagine going a day without fapping. For those who have started the journey, it is a hard one but there are many many rewards if you choose to reap them. The rewards that come with not fapping do not come instantaneously and they do not come if you don’t work towards them. Get to sleep earlier, start going to the gym, read that book now that you have time, talk to that guy or girl you’ve been thinking about talking to, check out that place you’ve been meaning to see.

I started because I realized that despite the sunny day outside, I was wasting my time indoors with my hands down my pants instead of hiking. I didn’t want to remember my years of adulthood as the guy who spent his time pounding his pud. It was about wasted time, wasted opportunities and sheer lack willpower. I missed out on good relationships that might have blossomed had I picked up on the cues.

Thanks to NoFap, I feel like a whole new person. A better, more refined, more valued individual in my own eyes. I started going to the gym, worked on some awesome projects that I didn’t have ‘time’ to work on, met some awesome people now that I have more self-confidence. While I haven’t yet hit 90 days (and that day will arrive with a vengeance), life has significantly improved at 53 days.

Most of the stuff I see on NoFap seems to be oriented towards those who enjoy women, for those of us gay nofap members, stay strong. Its upsetting how when I search for gay in /r/NoFap, there is a lot of straight men complaining how they started going to the ‘hard gay stuff’. Nothing is wrong with being gay, anyone that tells you otherwise is less of a human than you are. Being gay has never been an easy thing, but it will get better. The increased self-confidence and self-worth have helped me feel comfortable as a gay dude in my own skin.

  • You will gain self-confidence, but you have to learn how to apply it.
  • You will gain more energy, so don’t let it go to waste.
  • You will gain more time, pick up a new hobby.
  • You will gain a restored sense of worth, don’t let anyone take that away.
  • You will become a better, healthier, mentally sound and stronger individual.

Tips for the gaybros out there: During the process don’t seek out hookups. Delete those dating applications if you’re starting off, they do nothing more than to distract you from your goal. Hooking up sites are a bad idea (MH, Recon, A4A, CraigsList). Get a gym membership, even if its your first time. You’re an awesome dude so don’t let anyone put you down, ever.

I’m open to PMs if you need to talk, gay or straight.

Good luck on your journey

LINK – Gaybro NoFapper here serving up some general inspiration

by TwoToneTonkaTrucks