Greater Awareness, Self-confidence & Self control. Appreciation for the smaller things. More comfortable with myself & others


Brothers. I did it. This is what helped me along my path:

  • Moderation of social media. It’s mind numbing and very addicting. If you’re not on it to market your business then there’s no reason to be on it. Learn to not give a fuck, social media is the first step.I only check it once a day on my Mac for my business then close it straight after and blacklist the site so if I ever do get the urge to scroll then the blacklist reminds me of why I put it there. Check out blacklist on google chrome extensions.
  • Reduce the amount of stimulants you have per day. If you’re a heavy coffee/caffeine drinker than your mind is going to be running around like a headless chook all day. You know you might just be dehydrated so drink plenty of water. Only have one coffee in the morning then green or black tea throughout the day.
  • Exercise and meditation. I do yoga in the morning which is hitting two birds with one stone – workout and meditation in one. You really won’t pull through with NoFap if you don’t do any exercise or mindfulness exercises.
  • Your diet. Just don’t eat deep fried shit. Simple.

Obvious Benefits

  1. Awareness and self-confidence
  2. Self control in stressful situations
  3. People will love to bathe in your presence
  4. Appreciation for the smaller things
  5. Being comfortable with yourself and others
  6. Not putting pussy on a pedestal

I’ve still got a long way to go but man have I come a very long way. It’s well worth the ride. You just have to avoid anything and everything that will give you urges. I am smiling more, no more anxiety attacks, I look healthier, I’m socially interacting with people on a higher level, and most of all appreciation for life in general. You will just have a deep awareness of everything around you.

From crying myself to sleep at night to creating goals and being present with my emotions.

Thank you NoFap. Here’s to another 90.


by MooseCat123