How I beat 17 years of DE after 63 days of NoFap

There have been many great success stories on here and I thought I would create a throw away account to share my story with you all. I understand that not everyone has DE, delayed ejaculation, instead of ED. I thought I would bring some hope to people who have DE as there are not many related success stories.

So a background of myself… I’ve been masturbating since my early childhood daysto simple magazines and then it progressed on further to other pictures, shit ass 56k movies then finally some HD movies. I am now in my late 20’s. I’ve always had DE and have never been able to hit the big O. This put stress on my past relationships, especially the girl. There was little information regarding this phenomenon of how the brain saps the living shit out of porn as if it was a drug. I never knew what was wrong with me and I was scared to seek help until I came across nofap and yourbrainonporn.

So this all started a few months ago. I was in a new long distance relationship and I’ve never had sexual intercourse with my new partner, so she did not know of my DE issue. But I did disclose to her that I was on no fap. At first she laughed but then she supported the idea. I was due to see her in 3.5 months, so that’s more than 90 days. So I thought lets go hit the big 90!

63 days have past and I was extremely tense and I decided to let one go. I did MO, no P, and it didn’t take long. I did use lube and change my stroke style to a very gentle slow style. This was my 63 day mark. I was not disappointed but learnt more about my body than just jerking the shit out of it.

The topic did come up between my partner and I regarding PE and sexual performance. She was not interested in 2 minutes of pleasure so I had to do the deed, just to help ease myself as well. So between 63 days and the day of meeting my partner I MO’d and PMO’d a total of 7 times in a space of 40 days.

The big day had come and we were together. I had no fapped for about 5 days before this day. Foreplay lasted about 30 minutes before the big event. I had no sex anxiety as I decided to relax and just go with it. The deed was over in about 5 minutes… It was fairly short but in my mind fireworks were going off. I finally beat ED. I DID IT! Sex has gotten better every day on wards. I’ve also increased my stamina and have been able to control when I want to O. One session did last 2.5 hours and a few days without sex I pretty much O’d in a less than 2 minutes.

There is hope out there my fellow fapstronauts. It is true that everyone’s time to recover is different and I was able to do mine with 63 days. I am so happy and will not PMO ever again. My brain does not even crave for porn anymore and my relationship has been better than ever.

This subreddit and youbrainonporn gave me great courage and information to help me combat DE.

TLDR; beat nofap in 63 days, can control ejaculation now, no more craving P, fap with lube only to prevent death grip.

LINK – How I beat 17 years of DE after 63 days of NoFap

by fapnomore4eva