I am more confident. It’s easier speaking in front of groups, meeting new people, and socializing in general.


After what was probably my 50th or so attempt I finally made it to 90 days (hard mode). First of all the accomplishment of going so long feels good in and of itself, we all know how hard it can be. When I first started out trying nofap and discovered this sub, I was always curious as to the benefits felt by those of you who were able to abstain for this long. So for that reason I thought I’d share my thoughts with those who may be curious like I was.

I’ll start by saying I don’t feel like an entirely new person or anything wild like that. I know some of us get it in our heads that maybe the super powers will be so great that it will be like an entirely fresh start. Who knows, maybe it is for some, but that hasn’t been the case for me. That said I do feel much improved in several ways. Most noticeably I am more confident. It’s easier speaking in front of groups, meeting new people, and socializing in general. These things used to be very difficult for me and I would get super anxious in such situations, over think everything, and end up behaving awkwardly. Now that’s a rarity. Today people I don’t know well seem to want to stay in conversations with me longer, and will start them up with me more often. I’ve also had a much easier time talking with girls. I have been on several dates and while I haven’t hooked up with anyone since I’ve started, I feel I’m probably not too far away (at least I hope haha) it’s definitely been easier and they seem much more engaged in me.

I also realized that I no longer had any close women friends before I started on this journey. PMO distorted the ‘purpose’ of women in my mind which I know is the case for a lot of you. This mentality has largely gone away now and I have made platonic women friends that I hang out with pretty regularly (if you don’t have any it’s a really good idea to find some, they can be great friends and helpful in many ways).

I dream a lot more than I used to. Not necessarily a pro or a con for me, but just another difference I have noticed.

More than anything though I feel more comfortable in my own skin, which really can’t be understated. I don’t plan to use PMO ever again. I watched a Ted Talk where this scientist said it can take as long as 5 months for younger people’s brains to recover from the effects of PMO, so I definitely plan to go beyond that just to see what it’s like.

This is longer than I anticipated but hopefully some of you can find it beneficial/motivational. If you have any questions please ask, I’ll do my best to give a helpful reply.

Stay strong! And stay on the path!

LINK – 90 day report.

by WillLOTR