I attempted no fap about 50 times and always relapsed back starting about 3 years ago

My number one tip for no fap is: Open up and tell people in real life! Be vulnerable and open up about your problem to people you trust and let them know about this new challenge you’re attempting. The main power of opening up is releasing the shame you have around porn & masturbating. It also gives you accountability.

I have friends who I text if I’m getting tempted to relapse. haha sounds kind of funny but it helps SOOO MUCH. And it makes no fap into more of a teamwork type of thing. It really has bonded me amazingly with some friends.

Get an accountability parter you can text if about to relapse. I think so many no fappers keep this a solo thing out of fear of judgement.. but the truth is that when you open up to people they will really respect you. Good chance you’ll inspire them and they might join too! Not too mention I’ve had tons of great no fapping jokes with my friends haha

My story is that I attempted no fap about 50 times and always relapsed back starting about 3 years ago. But one day I decided to do the “sharing my challenge” thing to the limit and made this youtube video:


Announcing to the world my problem and explaining my new challenge. I got tons of support, accountability, and release of shame that I was able to succeed at my goal (day 90) because of that video.

Surprisingly I got very little to ZERO negative feedback / judgement. Girls actually love it and I love talking about porn / fapping with the ladies. They really respect it! And now I have the fulfilling feeling of inspiring tens of thousands of people to join me on this no fap / porn journey which is an amazing feeling to help light consciousness on this hidden negativity that is a HUGE problem so many people have.

Now making that video was a little extreme.. but I highly recommend you to open up to friends you trust in REAL LIFE about No Fap / Porn. Seriously helps soooo much! Internet friends are cool.. but talking about this stuff in real life REALLY helps. It makes the unconscious, conscious. Freud and Jung talk a lot about expressing what’s true to you to others in real life.

Best! Luke

LINK – My number one tip that got me to 90 days after failing 50x before time

by GJLuke