I can look into people’s eye and talk forever. Greater energy. No more anxiety. I face my problems


The higher your streak, the better you get. This is the truth I experienced through this amazing journey. It’s like a snowball effect. As the days pass by, the benefits gets bigger and bigger.  oFap won’t make you a Superman in one day. You still gotta strive hard. It makes all the hard work easy with all that extra energy and zeal to move ahead in life. It’s totally worth the effort.

Through this journey of 100 days [HARD MODE + SEMEN RETENTION], I got balls to quit my well paying job to follow my passion. Read a number of books. Stopped giving fucks to what people think of me. Moved to a different city. Made new friends. Gained some good stamina. My face cleared up and got a new glow. The benefits are endless.

It’s tough. It’s meant to be tough

If it was easy every Tom, Dick and Harry could have been a MAN and would have got benefits without any hard work.

Hands-down, this NoFap streak has been the best in my entire life and I have never felt so light and energetic.


Just like everyone around here, I’m no super human. Fell into PMO when I was around 15 years maybe and just wasted my life jerking off until I was 22 years old. I found NoFap when I was around 21 but never crossed a 7 or 10 day streak. I knew the cause of all my procrastination and misery in life was due to this habit, but I never took it so seriously. I was never bad with girls as well, but there was always this enthusiasm missing in me. I wanted to do it for myself. My own self improvement. TO BE A MAN.

The one thing I realized is that, self control is everything. The day you control your sexual energies is the day you get a new grip on your life. This Jan 12th 2017 , I decided to hit 90 days at any cost. That’s when my life decided to change.

Day 1-15

The hardest of them all. Just cross this and you are totally in control unless you want to jerk off.

Day 15-21

Urges were high but I could control it by opening the subreddit and reading the posts.

Day 21-49

It becomes a habit once you reach this day and it’s quite easy to not touch your dick.

Day 50-80

This is the period when I had my wet dream. This was also the period my FLATLINE started. It sucks but don’t try to test if your thing is still working by jerking off. It’s totally fine. Just give it some rest.

Day 80-99

I feel ultra calm and almost 0 brain fog. My concentration has sky rocketed and I feel authoritative. I can get talk to anyone I want and start up a conversation jist like that. This is also the period I had my second wet dream. No loss of energy after my wet dream though. That’s when I realized that a wet dream is not a relapse.


I know this is what motivates us all to go on 🙂

( Trust me. You have be in this 100 days to actually feel all this. Just reading it is of no use. Just make a promise to yourself today. If anyone wants help just PM me. I will check on you everyday if needed. I just want at least 10 people to go on till DAY 100 after reading this post. Once you realise the potential of NoFap I’m sure you’ll not go back again. Stop wasting your years. You may be in your 20’s or 30’s, it’s never been a great time to start your journey. It will indeed change your life. Trust me. You are special if you can reach 100 days coz now I can just tell a guy if he jerks off or not just by looking at his eyes. *Oh btw sorry! I took my time to write this here since many ppl would surely read the benefits part )

Ok the benefits I experienced were:

  • My face cleared up and now it glows!
  • Energy levels are all time high.
  • I love how random people make eye contact with me on the street. I just don’t know how this happens.
  • I can look into people’s eye and talk forever!
  • Girls randomly smile. Though I try to avoid them, they just keep coming back.
  • i grew a full beard. It was never possible earlier.
  • No anxiety at all and I stay calm most of the time.
  • HAPPINESS boost most of the day.
  • I can listen to those minute sounds in the music. I can differentiate between each instrument.
  • It’s like being high, always!
  • The fact that I’m writing such a huge post itself is the biggest proof. I have never done something like this before 🙂
  • I ask deep questions and don’t fear or run away from my problems. I just face it now.
  • Started practising deep breathing ( Meditation ) and it just calms your mind totally.
  • Many more..Why don’t you come till 100 days and EXPERIENCE it yourself? 😉

Apart from all these, the biggest effect has been that my respect towards women has increased. The way I look at them has changed. Now I don’t chase them but they come behind me.


Still a long way to go but I just can’t wait for my coming days..

If you have come till here then please make a promise in this comment if you arr ready to take up the 100 Days challenge.

I will personally PM you every day and be your accountability partner if you need it. I just want to help you guys out here and in turn want you to help all the other Fapstonauts.

The best way to give back to the awesome community over here is by helping at least 10 others to reach up to your level!

P.S. : I’M EXPECTING AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE to take up the challenge. I’m willing to PM you EVERY-SINGLE-DAY for 100 days to help you achieve your goal.

PPS : Still 2 more hours to go for my official 100Days counter but I just couldn’t wait!


LINK – [100 Days Report] NoFap Changed My Life after 100 days of HARD-MODE and SEMEN RETENTION.

by can1205