I feel better than ever. I’ve unleashed my potential.

I can’t believe, I got it. I’ve been trying for so much time. I’ve discovered NoFap and YBOP at the end of 2012, when I realized that PMO was a major issue in my life and it needed to be dealt with. I remember that time, I was desperate to get rid of this poisonous addiction. Before discovering NoFap I’ve tried to overcome it with religion and platonic love(which is also poisonous, but I was too young to know). It didn’t work, maybe because I’ve never considered myself a religious person. But then I’ve found yourbrainonporn.com a new door was open in front of me. Finally I’ve found a source of information that could help me with science background. Yeah, I say science because if you didn’t wash the six video series I highly recommend you to do so. The first time I saw it I really got frightened, porn is serious stuff, which unfortunately most of people underestimate its damage(some of them even believe it is beneficial).

However I’ve got motivated to fight up. It wasn’t easy you know, once you condition your body to have easy access to orgasm it will ask for more if you suddenly stop giving it to him. Got motivated though. First attempt got 28 days. Which was a record for me already. I believe that success is achieved through frequent failures and keep trying. I had lost the battle but didn’t give up of the war. And it was just getting started. I admit that from that time until now, I had ups and downs, there was some time where I would PMO everyday, fight for 10 days, fail again, fight a little bit more, fail again. And I kept this cycle. This a serious addiction who highly gets you impaired(it is in fact a kryptonite, like people say). But I never gave up of the idea that I would overcome this one day and become a better man. I’ve realized that I consider myself successful in most of the areas of my life, and PMO shouldn’t be allowed to have not even a bit of it. So I made efforts to strip it out. It is totally worth it.

I feel better than ever. I feel that all aspects of my body and mind merged together into something else and I’ve unleashed my potential.

Now I can give you some tips to you who are struggling:

  • The mere fact you are and still reading this, it means you’re serious about this thing. First thing I would say is make sure you fully acknowledge that. You’re a better man/woman already. You definitely are on the right track, it’s only a matter of time until you have what you want, if you don’t give up.
  • This is the most valuable tip I can give you: Find out something really good happening in your life, it could be anything, a new job/promotion, graduation, a new love, anything, and channel this positive flow of energy into your efforts to win this war. For me I had the opportunity of living abroad and I used this energy and the life shift to boost my will to get up to the 90th day. At the same time, don’t let negative energies take control and be used as an excuse to fap.
  • Don’t take failures too much seriously. The quicker you recover from the shame, guilty of giving in to a craving, the quicker you’ll be in shape to begin a new streak again. Keep looking forward. Bear I mind what you’ve done, not what you’ve lost.

And that’s it folks, hope you could enjoy this post. I apologize if the writing is not good because I know that I don’t have gift for writing. Also English is not my first language. If you have any questions, comments to do bellow I’ll do my best to reply. Stay strong.

LINK – Awwwwww yeah!!!! 90th day report

by herbet_douxbois