I feel like a new man and I never want to go back to the way things used to be.

About a year ago, I started feeling the effects of frequent porn use and masturbation on my relationship with my now fiance. I started developing ED when trying to be intimate with her and it made her feel like it was her fault or like there was something wrong with her. I wrote a post about three months ago about how that was my rock bottom and I’d had enough of it at that point. She means everything to me in this world, so I really wanted to change.

When I hit that point, I finally said to myself, “I’m getting married in a little over 90 days, and I want to remain pure for her.” It was a challenge to myself. I wanted to break free of this addiction so badly and wanted to see if I could do it for her and for our marriage. And so far so good… My badge says 104 days, but it’s really been about 77 days. I haven’t looked at porn or anything artificially stimulating for that matter and I don’t miss it. I’m getting married in a month from today, and because of nofap, our relationship has never been stronger.

All the benefits this community talks about are true and have happened to me. I have more testosterone, our sex life has never been better, I have a TON of more confidence, and most of all, she is proud of the man I have become. She is aware of my constant struggle and knows that I started this process for her and for myself.

I feel like a new man and I never want to go back to the way things used to be. My strategy for getting this far has been NO EDGING, no looking at anything remotely stimulating because I know what it does to me, and staying off of my computer and phone as much as possible after work. Thankfully, when I feel an urge coming on, I can for lack of a better word, fuck my soon-to-be wife. And since I’ve been doing nofap, it’s straight up animalistic in the bedroom.

I have SO much respect for those going hardmode and want to salute you fellow nofappers because I can’t imagine how hard nofap would be without a release with a significant other. I also want to thank this community for helping me become a better man, a better future husband, and a better future father to my kids. For those contributing to the cause and the conversations on here, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I couldn’t have gotten this far without this subreddit, and I plan on continuing this journey until my last breath. It’s so worth it.

LINK – 104 days in…this has changed my life for the better.

by r3cov3ringadd1ct