I feel like I’ve come out as a completely new person

These past two weeks have been the best two weeks of my life, I feel like I’ve come out as a completely new person, I have had my friends complimenting me on how much healthier I look and how impressed they are with the weight I’ve lost lately.

I’m talking to a girl who I think is amazing but instead of over thinking things like I usually do I just feel great around her, everything is so simple.

I’m finally not snapping at my friends and I’m starting to pick up slack again in college. It has been a struggle trying to get over this addiction for so long but the benefits are amazing, I feel unstoppable and I finally feel like I deserve to be happy.

I was thinking this as I came home on a bus and I couldn’t help but let tears out, I felt amazing.

I hope you all stick to your guns with Nofap because the benefits are phenomenal, have a great day everybody, we all deserve to feel this good, the best of luck to all of you!

LINK – So I cried on the bus today

by NoFap121