I had social phobia – now I am cheerful & self confident, can speak fluently, have girlfriend

I had social phobia 1 year ago. I went to psychiatrist and she gave a antidepressant. Its name was ”Prozac” It doesn’t work guys, really it doesn’t work. I was really very antisocial, shy and loser.

I couldn’t speak people, I couldn’t look their eyes, i was shy even when i was shopping or rode bus and a lot of examples. And one day I started no-fap. I will tell my no-fap story. I will tell my success story.

My first try: it took 3 days. And it was really bad

My second try: it took 12 days. It was big step for me.

My third try: it took 34 days. When i was break, I feel so bad and then i have never break again.

So, if you break your first day, don’t be sorry. You have a lot of time. But you should be force yourself if you want succeeds as soon as.

First 45 day is very hard. Probably you will break before 45, you will try again, again and again! After 45 day, it will be very easy. You will see.

Important note: You will see benefits after 60 days, be patient.

So, lets talk about benefits.

  • Self-Confidence = I can speak fluently right now. I’ve wanted a lot of telephone numbers(15-20) from girls. Why? I want to prove my self-confidence to myself.
  • Cheerfulness = I generally smile. Of course, sometimes i cant be in my mood. It’s normal. I wont lie.
  • Sociable = When a work which is necessary responsible, i say this ”I can do!”
  • Eye Contact = I can always do this. Actually, it is very easy.
  • Better Relationships With Girls = I’ve gf now, before no-fap i had never gf.
  • Better Music Quality = When i listen to music, i feel great.
  • Better Words = When I speak girls, i can choose best words. I don’t know but i like talking with girls more than boys :/

I can remember this benefits but I know I’ve gain so much things. Except this, i have earned some hobbies..

I’ve start play piano. At the weekend, I always go somewhere. I always join friend activities.

So guys, if I can achieve, you can achieve. Don’t forget; IF YOU FALL, YOU WILL RISE, AGAIN AND AGAIN.

P.S: I’m so sorry for my bad English.

LINK – Thank you all!! My life has changed. Lets see benefits.

by valekov