I hate to break it to you guys, but there are no super powers

Once you’ve been in this thing for awhile, you realize that you don’t gain super powers, you are just are what a normal man is supposed to be. I have been doing this for about 10 months, and I thought I gained super powers, but what I really got back was my natural built in ability to attract women quite easily.

Remember when you were in 4th grade, and no matter what you looked like; you could make the girl you liked at your school your girlfriend if you had enough confidence and persistence?

It’s the same damn thing, it never changes. Not “SUPER-HUMAN”; it’s what you’re supposed to do as a man. Bad habits screw that up.

Which is rare in this instant gratification society that we have now.

  • I’m attracting a lot more women, a lot easier
  • I’m no longer on the “outside looking in” when it comes to women and sex
  • I have more confidence
  • I am more motivated to do things
  • I no longer have that “creepy vibe”, that I used to have; where I was afraid to approach women, and rather stalk their pictures on Facebook.
  • I don’t have people questioning if I’m gay. (which is not a bad thing, unless you’re straight, then it’s a bad thing)

These aren’t necessarily super powers. This is just how life is supposed to be. You aren’t supposed to be able to function without a woman in your life.

Once you give up masturbation, you absolutely HAVE to have a woman in your life, otherwise you’re screwed.

You know those girls you hate because they’re always in relationships and they can never stay single for more than a week? Because they’re so needy with men?

  • Have you noticed those women don’t watch porn (a lot, or even talk about it)?
  • Have you noticed that those women attract the opposite sex quite easily?
  • Have you noticed that these women are very emotional?
  • Have you noticed that these women are usually passionate about the person they’re with?
  • Have you noticed that the instant these women are single, guys are flying in from different parts of the country, sending flowers, and fighting to have a chance to prove they’re worthy?

Well you’ll end up being the same with NoFap, just the male version. And when you make love to your girlfriend, you’ll make passionate love to her every single time, guaranteed or your money back.

‘Nuff rambling. I wanted to get that off my chest. Now I’m ready for the downvotes.

Edit: I think my last point was weak to be honest and didn’t express my point.

I should have equated it to that beautiful girl that seems perfect, gets straight A’s, maintains her appearance, lives in a different world of excellence, and attracts all the guys around her pretty effortlessly because of how she carries herself; while making less adequate women hate her for no reason.

If you continue to replace the bad/non productive habits, with habits of excellence this will be you.

I brought up the girl who needs relationships because those are the girls who attract the widest variety of men. I failed to realize that the girls of excellence attract the best men.

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by ExpandTheCircle