I just want to confirm that my Superpowers remain after a relapse

I just want to confirm that my superpowers are still in tact. Just to summarize my story, I successfully did nofap for 130 days. However, the longest I went without porn during my streak was about 30+ days. I never kicked the habit of porn during that streak, so I decided to start fresh and do both nofap and pornfree at the same time.

My relapse(s): I had a 5 PMO binge during my first relapse (at day 130). My second relapse came 2 days later with a 3 PMO binge. Both of these relapses were intentional (or maybe this is the “scumbag brain” trying to justify the relapse?).

My superpowers: Before nofap, I was pretty laid back and reserved. I had no interest in dating or making friends. During nofap, my inner alpha male has been slowly taking form. I am about 10 times more social now than I was during my fapping days. I have interacted with and made more friends in the 4 months I did nofap then in the previous 2+ years combined.

My point here is that the concept of rewiring the brain is real (for those that have successfully kicked any drug habit know the feeling of being able to enjoy things again without the “high”). I know my brain has not had a full rewire, but in the little bit of progress I have made, I’ve seen great results, and this is the reason why I will take it to the next level by doing pornfree and nofap together.

Goodluck to all!

LINK – Superpowers remain after a relapse

by jizzmeister