I love life how it is now with no PMO


I reached day 74, and I am calmer than when I first started. I notice how the anxiety is reducing day per day, and getting normal. The first week of no pmo I felt the urges in my body with a lot of power. I thought I wouldn’t make it past the second week, but I decided to maintain myself – and here I am today at day 74.

It hasn’t been easy, there have been a lot of dangerous moments, and distractions that can lead to the worst. I thought in trying 30 days NoFap, but then I liked how life was without it that and decided to continue on another 30 days. At day 60 I thought I would relapse, but I remembered how bad it was when I pmo and I decided to continue. So now I’m going for 90 days, but my main real goal, is leaving pmo forever, I will never again pmo. It’s challenging but not impossible.

 I love life how it is now with no pmo. So I imagined an entire life without it and without doubt it’s beautiful. So I will leave it forever. this is the first time in 8 years I decided to try to quit this bad habit for good, I have tried it previous times like 3 times in my whole fapping experience, but with luck I would get to 7 days,… there was a time when I made it with effort to day 3, not only that, but I was in a deep trap. I thought I would never get out of, I watched porn almost all day, and masturbated 3-7 times a day, yes it was really bad.

But now I have managed to get to day 74… life is way different for me now. I no longer feel trapped by porn or masturbation. I feel free. I can talk normally with people, laugh without anxiety, and have good times with friends. I don’t feel worried about the need of porn, or the worry of masturbation. My mind is open, I feel like there’s so much to learn, and to discover. I can concentrate better on important things. My mind is reducing the need of stimulation of dopamine by porn.

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BY – tendency14