I noticed some major changes, I relate to people better, Just want to be more friendly, smile

I hear so many talk about fapping up to 7 times a day, what the fuck? The most I would ever do is 2 in a day, thing is I would fap once everyday.

Since quitting porn for the last month and a half I noticed some major changes, I relate to people better, can hold eye contact, in general just want to be more friendly, smile and be around others, because of this I have gained confidence in myself and I notice a lot of subtle things around me, hell just now this girl at the store gave me crazy eye contact, so much that I had to look at her back, I was like damn!

Anyway my point is, I fapped one time, about a week ago, next day I was fine, no tiredness, loss of confidence or anything weird, if anything I had another great day lol, I still dont fap too much because well, I want women, I dont want to keep fapping by myself, I have not touched porn and I swear to myself that I wont, I think THAT is the true problem, the true shame, I think people just need to develop confidence and go for things, especially women since that is what most on here want, just take time to understand the nature of women and go for it, have no fear!

I think when you fap you just get a quick pleasure for yourself, when you fap to porn you feel like a loser, creep, pathetic and that carries over to your actions day to day, people, especially women will pick up on that low self esteem, dont do it to yourself.

If you wanna fap, keep it at once a week, no porn ever again (seriously, NEVER again), focus on self inprovement, your mind and your body, that is all a man can ever depend on, focus on those to things and build your path in life and I swear to you that all the things you want will come knocking on your door.

Dont be a loser, be a winner, better yet, be a Man.

LINK – I really believe porn was the issue, not fapping, hear me out.

by Pun1914