I now have awesome relationships, amazing female friends, confidence blew up

First of all, thank you all for your help. It all begun in January 2013, had my ups and downs. The best and hardest part was in the beginning, in NoFap February. With your help I managed to get pass my problems and realised a few changes in my body and mind.

After 89 days I can just say, my life has changed completely. I have now a healthier life, I have amazing female friends, and had some damn awesome relationships this year. My confidence blew up, and more important, I finally put things in order in my life.

Just to make it easier, this is how NoFap improved my life:

10 months of NoFap


Girlfriends in this time


Weight loss

6 Kg

New female friends in my life


Ex-es in my life


Facebook account

Not anymore

Games dropped

League of Legends

Games dropped


Games dropped

Candy Crush

Books read

Over 15

Time spent on tv per day

Close to 1 hour (sport venues)

Theater plays attended


Sport events attended

around 15

True friends earned



Over 9000

All of this happened because of you! I literally changed my life because of you guys and of this subreddit. I also started to help other people as well with every ocasion I have, expecting nothing in return. Deep down I know that some strangers helped me too when I needed.

Today I relapsed, and it was because I had some sexy times with a girl and felt the urge to finish somehow, not stay like this until tomorrow morning.

I’ll reset my badge and I promise you guys, I’ll enter this subreddit as much as I can, and I will help others and make them feel what I’m feeling.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or PM me. Sry for the eventual mistakes I’ve made. I’m from the Sun.

LINK Relapsed after 89 days. Want to share my thoughts regarding the 10 months of NoFap from when I started.

by Sinergyy