I see women as people, not as objects to possess. Drive to make money is now crazy/ Morning wood returning


Today is the day! 100 days nofap, no sex, and no dating. Lots of rough patches along the way, but my entire experience with life is changing. Cute girls I see on the street lost that crazy pull. I see them as people now more and less as objects to possess.

When I see couples walking down the street I used to imagine them in sexual positions, this has completely gone away.

The urge to look at porn-subs, bikini babes is fading. Now I see those girls working it so hard and I feel sad for them and see them as lost souls desperately seeking love and attention and have compassion for them.

My drive to earn and make money is crazy now.

And my morning wood is coming back. Not full yet, about 70%.

I’ve made it to 90 days 3 other times in past 20 years. I’m going for 4 months Hard Mode. Then check it from there to see if safe to start dating only Healthy girls with no daddy issues.

LINK – Day 100 Hard Mode!

by Fork2323