I stopped objectifying women, confidence even higher, more creative

Instead of telling one of the many stories, let me just say that this was the best damn choice I’ve did in the last 5 years. Here’s some benefits that I encountered:

Energy is way up.

Confidence is higher than ever. I should mention that I always had fairly high confidence, but it’s even higher . Hardly any anxiety. I used to stress about everything before doing NoFap, but now I didn’t come across a single thing, last week I had a dumb encounter with the police and while I would’ve be sweating bullets from that, I just shrugged it off.

Way more creativity.

I noticed that I have a way with words, and I can speak very clearly with no filler words of pauses, it’s really cool.

And I suppose the least selfish of all of these – I stopped objectifying women.

I’m only 50 days in, and these benefits, well, benefit me every single day, so hopefully 90 days has something even better.

link – Here’s my 50 day report.

by ValentinQBK