I went 90 days strong, had a fap on day 90 as a “reward” then binged for 6 months ruining my life

Hello Fapstronauts, I come before you with an announcement. Today is my 90th Day without masturbating. It has been a roller-coaster ride. There has been many ups and downs, but definitely the trend goes upward. The people that say that nofap have no effect are either numb as fuck towards their own feelings or they don’t want to let fap go so they make an excuse and try to bring others with them. I felt amazing differences in my attitude , energy levels, confidence, since the first week. At first the differences were the most notable, I was flying through the skies the first three- four weeks. I felt invincible. I became the king of eye contact battles, no one has ever been able to break my gaze since the first month of no fap, my gaze is unbreakable, which is just a side effect of my confidence. I feel really good about the fact that I don’t fap anymore. Just because it is so pathetic.

People either listen to my experience with nofap and realize the truth about fapping or they block the truth and try to disprove me. Around 6-8 people around me have stopped fapping because of my influence. Looking back this past 90 days have been 90 really hard days of my life and now that I think of it, I would have been 100 times more miserable if I was fapping daily and losing all my energy and motivation. I now have a schedule for what to do every day. I am going to the mountains to hike, going to Bikram Yoga, socializing more, and many more things. I don’t think I will ever go back to fapping, it is much better to have energy. I felt the difference it made with my confidence in my dreams. My dreams were completely different, I used to have nightmares almost every night, now every dream I am such a confident guy , and most of my dreams are happy dreams. This change of dreams told me that something real was going on with nofap, it wasn’t all theory or superstition. My first wet dream of my entire life came in Day#77. And that was a great accomplishment.

I don’t feel all that happy that its my day #90 . I had read somewhere in nofap that when people passed the 120 day mark , they felt another level of change. Since day 50 that has been my goal, I will go to Day 120 maybe 150 and see. Either way once I reach that goal I will keep making goals so I don’t go back to fapping. I really want it out of my life , and to be fapping daily for an entire decade, 90 days doesn’t seem to me like enough time to leave this fapping thing behind, even yesterday I almost relapsed. I am very glad I did’t. Watching porn will not make you progress. You need to install the K9 web filter so that you just don’t see porn. Porn is a giant part of the problem.

Anyway, if you don’t watch porn and you don’t play with your dick, you will never relapse. Its that simple. Just don’t do it. The change is very gradual. You will feel amazing change at the beginning because you can contrast both experiences , but later you will become accustomed to all the benefits so don’t forget you are living them, they are with you but they are now part of you so don’t let them go.

Sexual Energy is such a powerful drive, such a powerful tool. I am so glad that I can count with such a powerful force to help me get where I want to go in life.

LINK – Day 90 Full Length Report

by lozano066



I went 90 days strong, had a fap on day 90 as a “reward” then binged for 6 months ruining my life (motivational speech ;P)

Hey guys, I just want to say that you should never think you have beaten your addicction, even if you reach day 90 and your brain has “rebooted”. I went 90 days completely nofap, nosex , no PMO, felt amazing, my mind was on top of shit, clarity was amazing, you feel like what you felt when you were a kid, since you are not draining yourself all day life becomes a more emotional experience (in a good way) , your less dull, more active, more confident, basically , your a functional human being, not a disfunctional pathetic sexual addict that masturbates himself to sleep with hardcore porn daily. You realize that life isn’t shit by default, all those years, maybe decades youve been masturbating compulsively have been making life for you a dull , sad , meaningless, unmotivating experience. And you have probably just assumed life was a generally shitty experience full of struggle, and impossible for you to do anything substancial with your life since you lacked energy, confidence you were just a dirty flimsy sock of a human being, and it seemed you were cheated , you were a kid full of energy and happiness and suddenly you reach your adolecense and all the magic of life goes away and you think you just matured and entered “the real world” and you just look back to your kid days and look at yourself now and think , damn what a fucking tragedy, I used to be this happy kid but when I matured I lost it all, like everyone, it sucks life is like this. It is no coincidence life started to get shitty right around the time you started to masturbate. You realize when you quit nofap for an extended period of time that life is actually a pretty fucking cool experience , where you can connect deeply with other human beings, and your body supports you in your intentions, you have energy, confidence, drive, and every woman you see you respect because you fucking LOVE real women now , you look deep into their eyes and you feel facinated by their ways of being, their energy and the way they think and talk and move and look at you, you think to yourself she is so fucking sexy, her whole self, not just her body, and you want to talk to her and you do because you are confident and she feels that vibe from you and she starts talking to you interested in you and you are thinking damn this sexy woman is talking to me interested in me and I have this confidence and im talking smooth and this has never happened before , you think what can be better than this, what can be better than connecting with this sexy woman, even if you are just talking to her, your gaze and her gaze are locked on to each other and everything else fades away, I feel so drawn to her naturally and she to me, a natural clean attraction, mutual, the energy between you is not sexual but personal and its deep, and you realize holy shit , what I’ve been missing all these years, I am never going back to fapping ever again, how can I gain so much by giving up so little. And I know right now nofap is no “little thing to give up” but it is once you realize what the tradeoff is, once you experience it first hand.

I didnt masturbate for 90 days, got my life back, gave myself a fap for 90 days, justifying that I would fap once every 90 days, and yeah it was a good fap obviously, but after that I said well one more before going on another 90 days and before you know it I was fapping 3-4 times a day for like 3 weeks taking a high dive into a sea of depression and sluggishness and misery. I then continued to fap for about 6 months, maybe even more , I dont even know, life has passed before me like a breeze of wind, the days and months don’t mean anything to me , I have been in a hole, a depression, I have a hard time looking at people in the eyes, I’ve gained weight, so now I feel bad for having a belly, I lost contact with woman, I started seeing my female friends (which i gained during nofap) as just fuck buddies and I even told one of them and it made the whole situation really wierd and I ended up alone, not going out on weekends just wanking my life away. I am shaking my head right now at myself because I have became a pathetic human being thanks to porn and masturbation. Many of you people that have come here for help are in that pathetic state, some of you may not even know how pathetic you are compared to what you could be if you stoped fapping.

My advice to you is to get a rubber band, and put it around your wrist,and every time you look at porn or even think about doing it , you pull that rubber band and give yourself a good amount of pain for it. Believe me it works like magic. And put on a web filter, k9 web protction is a good one. Also keep yourself busy and start to realize when the urges come up and immediatley identify them as a possible relapse, don’t indulge in the feelings, just first detect them and then do something about it, walk around your house, slap yourself , I don’t know. Also once you reach day 90, you gotta think to yourself that your brain still has a lot of traces of the addiction. So its not like in 90 days your brain will automatically rewire itself completely, if you have been masturbating for years you need more than 90 days for the complete addiction to be gone, and even then you should think like the group Alcoholics Anonymous , even if they are 20 years without drinking they say, I have a disease , I am still getting better, and just for today I won’t drink, so if you are on day 150 you still think that you are getting over a addiction because you still are, and when you are begining I recomend you put a chart in your window with a dry erase marker and count the days by checking a chart. I know this has been a long post but I just felt inspired to do it.

My badge is wrong, I am on day 3 right now. and I feel so much better than I did before starting again. I have a feeling this time I will quit for good but I still have to beat each day at a time. Another one of my benefits which was huge was that , for as long as I remember every night I have a nightmare, sometimes really bad sometimes nto so bad but it is always bad. When I do nofap , and I have tried many times , around day 3 day 4 my dreams become happy dreams and I no longer have nightmares. When I went for 90 days I did not have nightmares at all, it was amazing! Also you need to do exercise and read self development books, nofap is good but to really transform your life you need to do it in other areas. I am starting a raw vegan diet which I have done before for several months and have felt absolutely amazing, no way to describe it , so I am doing both nofap and a raw vegan diet to really get myself oout of this terrible hole.

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oh and another thing, I live in mexico so we have a maid that lives here and cleans the house and makes us food and stuff and every time I start doing nofap , her behaviour towards me completely changes, she can’t hide it, for example while I was writting this I went down the stairs and she was coming up and she literally stared in to my cock , I don’t know why , this is only one instance but you will realize that women are more attracted to you, it could be the phermones I don’t know, but its a beautiful thing to have women attracted to you.