I went from being a loner to dating girls & gaining tons of confidence

I completed 90 days (soft mode), and it’s been a fantastic journey. I never thought I could do it. I thought it was impossible. Yesterday, 90 days finally arrived and it was very anti-climatic. I started this journey after a difficult breakup.

I was in a 3 year relationship and I think a lot of issues towards the end had to do with my fapping addiction, and not paying enough attention to my girlfriend.

I finally said enough is enough. I started no fap and after 30 days I knew I could get to 90 no matter what. It’s been a painful, enjoyable, emotional, crazy time. My emotions are more intense, yet I feel lonelier now than I did when I started.

For me, the whole thing is not is NOT about not fapping. It’s about getting the self-discipline to take control of your life. I finally started going to the gym and eating healthy consistently. I also stopped giving a shit about what other people think and tried to squash all my insecurities. I am not quite there yet, but I am in a much better place.

This whole thing made me realize how with thought and self-discovery I can make great changes in my life. I realize I want to hang out and meet different friends who care about improving themselves rather than getting drunk all the time. I dated a few girls during my journey and had sex, but I no longer put girls on the pedestal. I focus on myself. Still have a long way to go but going to keep changing my life and really putting more effort to achieve what I want.

I’ve slept with 3 different women in the past 90 days. Before that, only 2. A lot has to do with how I carry myself because I am way more social and confident. I think I can control my sexual urges better too now. I don’t care as much if I get laid or not so I think women like how I’m not needy.

Doing this has given me confidence to go out and achieve other things that I thought were hard/ impossible

Feel free to ask questions, I’ll be on reddit for a while.

please ask me questions!!! I want to help, bc the 90 day challenge helped me so much

TL;DR: I went from being a loner with only one gf ever long term, to dating girls and improving myself and gaining tons of confidence

LINK – random thoughts after a successful 90 days (soft mode)

by wishiwasclever