I would mostly keep to myself and hate everyone else

So i figured i might as well share my experience with you guys. When I first started this challenge i figured i might as well try because in the past i’ve tired to stop but the reasons have been religious and i never did have any support. The reason i was able to make it 90 days is because of this subreddit, at least especially in the beginning when my urges were still strong. now days the urges aren’t nearly as strong and it’s easy to just say to myself that i don’t need it. Another reason i’ve been able to do it is because i used to not be a very social person. I would mostly keep to myself and hate everyone else, occasionally would hate myself as well because i would be disgusted with how lazy and anti-social i was. Since starting this challenge i’ve been much more social and even after a week of starting this my mom told me that she liked the new normmeow. I still might be a virgin and have not yet kissed a girl but i feel that as long as i keep this up that eventually i will meet someone because i’m not just keeping to myself as much any more.

well i feel like i’m mostly rambling but i don’t plan on starting PMO’ing again because i hate the feeling of hating people.. although i do start to hate people somewhat if i don’t workout but it’s much less than when i PMO. also had a wetdream last night, not my first but the first of since i started this challenge.

LINK – 90 days reporting in

by NormMeow