I’ll summarize my 90 day report in a neat little poem

Instead of some big report, I’ll summarize my 90 day report in a neat little poem

Dear Nofap, I have this little blue star

I cannot believe I have come this far

My attitude and demeanor are an indication

My voice has changed my confidenced has raised

I’ve become a monster in the gym these days

In short, a product of transformation.

What you do is up to you

it’s not for me to say

but if you choose to life of a fapstronaut

don’t wait another day!

Have a good day! Stay strong and live well!

LINK – Little Blue Star (90 Day Report)

by  Themusician1234


UPDATE – 180 Days…Hardmode

180 days. Let me just soak this in…180! I was having trouble getting through a week at this time last year, guys. When I first started this journey, I was addicted. I fapped AT LEAST once a day without fail. I could not look people in the eyes. I slouched like the hunchback of Notre Dame. I had almost no energy. I could not talk to females without being a nervous wreck. Nofap was not one of those “eh I guess I should do it”…it has become part of the fabric of my being. I am Nofap.

Flash forward to today. I cannot believe I’ve made this far to tell you the truth, guys. It has been an incredible journey. I am a professional musician and my passion and creativity has grown so much since I began abstaining from masturbation. I see clearly. I’m dating a girl right now and it is going very well! My physical fitness has never been better (I’ve actually turned into a gym rat lol).

I have noticed all of the benefits that everyone gets from Nofap and I can say that this is much more than just not touching yourself. Its about a lifestyle change and becoming a better YOU. I believe anyone can do this with the right attitude and discipline.

Personal suggestions: Meditation, fitness, some sort of hobby to keep you busy, cold showers (yes I know it’s cold outside), fake confidence if you have to…it will come eventually.

Live long and prosper…Stay strong Fapstronauts! Here’s to 365, ya’ll!


UPDATE – 195 days….gone just like that

I had a bit of a trigger and it eventually lead to PMO. But after 195 days, this doesn’t really feel like a relapse but rather just a bump in the road. Debating whether or not I would like to integrate healthy masturbation into my life. What do you guys think? Here’s to 90 days once again 🙂