In dental school – ADHD medication doesn’t even work any more because I don’t need it.

I am currently in dental school about to graduate and I discovered nofap in my last quarter. Through college I was relatively clear minded, got good grades and all was well until professional school….

Throughout professional school I struggled, even to be at the bottom of the class. My anxiety with projects, classes, managing patients, financial, social, family stress became so stressful that it took a toll on me mentally until more than half way into dental school, once I walked into the building I felt a heavy pressure that didn’t allow me to think clearly and I experienced a “foggy mind” extreme anxiety, and depression. My professors thought I was just slow.

I became so desperate to find a solution that I went to a psychologist and even bought ADHD medication through classmates or online through foreign stores.

The medication was a temporary solution but my anxiety came back to take over.

I realized that I would masturbate so frequently just becomes I was so overwhelmed with work and it was my simple release to stress only to find my self in a deep hole of depression and anxiety, I couldn’t even read my emails and my heart would start pounding just hinting of the simplest things.

It wasn’t until I stumbled across NoFap that it was a breath of fresh air.

I am now at about day 60… I felt the surge around day 7, I found these “super powers” I was so happy, focused, motivated, clear minded. Even my professors, friends, girls think I am a different person. I “flatlined at about week 6” the usual depression, lack of motivation. This lasted about a week. But after that I feel great again. No Fap is soooo worth it. Mastburating just for the 5-10 second orgasm just to feel like shit again is NOT WORTH IT. I feel like my life is worth living and I love flirting with women, rough-housing with my boys, taking on new challenges, making good decisions, meeting deadlines early, going on dates just to enjoy talking to women and loving life.

ADHD medication doesn’t even work any more because I don’t need it. I feel like I am so focused without it.

Sometimes I think if life would have been a bit different if I discovered this at the beginning of dental school. I have no regrets, because if it wasn’t for dental school pushing me to my limits I probably never would have discovered nofap.

Please message me if you want/need motivation because I know what it’s like to be skeptical.

by anonymous

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