Increased motivation, energy, cognitive skills, self-esteem, and I treat others better.

There are tons of posts talking about all of those changes that have taken place, so I’m not going to repeat them, but just say that it’s absolutely true.

Of course, on top of the increased motivation and energy… You obviously need to do something. It doesn’t come like a magic pill. You gotta approach, you gotta set a goal and work on it, etc.

Nofap decreased my rate of procrastination, it took my physical abilities up by a ton, my communication skills increased, even my cognitive skills improved etc. No idea why, but it definitely does.

At times, you suddenly chance upon a picture of a sexy girl and then you start thinking about that little ding-dong between your legs. Just realize that it’s absolutely normal to feel aroused. Then don’t think about it any further. Stop linking the act of “fapping” to being aroused. Cut the chain. Channel that arousal into excitement and energy to do other things.

I’ve also learnt that keepiing yourself busy removes the need for fapping. Even more so, you need to stay away from all kinds of porn because you’re in the stage of getting out of the porn mindset. I quit game of thrones. I threw away the men magazines I had with soft porn over it.

Slowly, the change will come. You start to increase self-esteem, you start to treat others better. You learn to be more social. I’ve been lifting for the past 3 months and I’ve put on a LOT of muscle (far more than I’ve had when I was fapping).

To everyone else out there, keep going!!! Never ever say you’ll relapse.

LINK 91 days hardmode… What it feels like.

by abetterguy