I’ve become happier, more confident, socializing is easy, brain functions great, flirting is easy


  1. My confidence gets too much to what I can handle. I’m not the type of person that does risky things and such but when I don’t fap, I feel like I can do all things.
  2. My brain functions well: I can think well logically, I feel like my vocabulary expands and I become more creative.
  3. I have plenty of energy for the day. I’m motivated to get busy and to be productive.
  4. I can maintain eye to eye contact with people. The sign of being guilty as a fapper/porner/bad person is eliminated.
  5. I do well at sports when I don’t fap and I have more stamina.
  6. I become happy even about the littlest or pettiest of things.
  7. It doesn’t require me a lot of effort to open up topics in a conversation.
  8. Socializing becomes easy. When I don’t fap, I don’t get that feeling of being repelled from others.
  9. Flirting with girls becomes easy too.
  10. I appreciate the beauty of real girls, unlike those girls which I see on pr0n or any woman illusion made up by my imagination.
  11. I don’t burst out in anger easily. I’m calmer and more rational when dealing with things.
  12. Humor becomes spontaneous.
  13. I feel more handsome and … taller?
  14. People seem to notice me more and they sense my presence. Sometimes I feel like I become the life of the party even though I am really not the guy who is.
  15. The ambition to succeed is always present.


  1. Hard to do especially when surrounded with friends who always open up suggestive topics and frequently talk about stimulating stories.
  2. When my body wants to wank off but I restrain myself from doing it, it feels like I’m going to explode because of the “war” inside me.
  3. Surfing the internet becomes more challenging because of the uncertainty of stumbling upon random stuff which I don’t like to see but my wanker self wants to.
  4. The hurt brought by giving up something I’ve loved doing in exchange of being the best that I can be.

Just so you know, I relapsed hours ago. I broke my 12-day streak and I’m back to square one. I can’t find any reason to be angry about myself because I chose to do it in the first place. Life goes on. I have already gone 30 to 40 days without fapping and I’m proud to say it (I’ve gone 30 days twice). My relapse inspired me to write this post and to push harder in life. To quote Coldplay: “just because I’m losing doesn’t mean I’m lost”

LINK – Pros and cons of NoFap – according to my experience

by wddwm