Just want to say I can’t thank NoFap enough as it has drastically improved my life and made me a better person

My has it been a long time. Just want to say I can’t thank NoFap enough as it has drastically improved my life and made me a better person.

Before, I was one hell of a mess. I didn’t take care of myself, no confidence, and no motivation to do anything productive in my life. The only thing I could be proud for was my grades I guess. I always got top markings and always a straight A student. Of course, this was a huge struggle but I pushed through because I want to be successful in life. Slowly this porn addiction was taking over my life and then I found NoFap. I’ve been struggling for over a year but I finally got this streak going.

After NoFap, I just had this huge motivation to make myself better. So I got myself good clothes and paid attention on my looks instead of buying whatever the fuck I saw. I got myself a good haircut instead of covering my messy hair with a beanie. During this streak I also had this clarity or clear up in my mind. I always remember things easily from class and it’s easier to stay focused. Before, I struggled to pay attention in class which meant I had to go home and teach myself basically. But now, I don’t have to deal with that. Before, I struggled to get all A’s in my class as it was not an easy task at all but now, it seems easy as shit. Since my school has an A day and B day schedule, we have two days to do our homework. Before, I would just procrastinate and do all my homework on the last minute which was not fun at all. But now, I finish it as soon as possible and have a bunch of free time for the rest of the day to do other productive.

NoFap also has given me an incredible amount if confidence. Before, I was shy, didn’t socialize with other people other than my small circle of friends, and just didn’t feel good about myself. Now, my confidence is way up there. I talk with new people, make new friends, and now volunteer to do things no problem. This confidence actually benefited me one time in class. So we had to present this thing in class but no one wanted to do it. Then I raised my hand to volunteer to go first. After I presented, my teacher told me she gave me xtra credit for going first. I was like, damn, that would’ve never happened if wasn’t for NoFap.

Nowadays, girls seem to be talking to me a lot more and I got some numbers too. But I never really believed this woman attraction thing and I still don’t. But I guess in a way, NoFap did make me more attractive to women. I cleaned myself up and got myself better looking clothes, I workout now thanks to NoFap, I now have a better social life than before, I got myself a good haircut and many other things. This is why I look more attractive to women.

NoFap didn’t magically make me more attractive to woman. I used NoFap as a tool to improve my life which made me more attractive thanks to the improvements I made. If you read this whole thing, I just want to thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. I just wanted to share my journey and my views on NoFap. Have a good day and stay strong!

LINK – Day 60 Report

by throwmeawaytopluto