Less self-doubt, increased energy & desire to socialize, Greater ability to meet amazing women

Hey there, brother and sister fapstronauts,

Wanted to throw my two cents into the collective bucket of NoFap wisdom when it comes to the superpowers.

As I write this, I’m on day 63, all of it hard mode, except for one very happy night. Anyway!

Here’s my experience:


  1. Increased energy. It’s like there’s a reserve battery inside of me, so even when I’m tired, I’m not that tired.
  2. Ability to not get stressed when surrounded by millions of people. I live in New York, so this was a big source of pain before NoFap. While I used to sit in the corner seat on the subway, to get some peace, now I sit in the middle. Whereas I used to distract myself with headphones/iphone/book, now I look around and soak in the madness/beauty of humanity. The other week I was walking through Times Square, thinking, “Ah, all of these people – how lovely.” No New Yorker who masturbates ever thinks this. Trust me.
  3. Constant desire to be outside.
  4. Increased desire to socialize. So I’m spending more time with friends, chatting with store clerks, approaching girls (awkwardly), etc.
  5. Increased confidence/fearlessness when it comes to approaching women. I have had more bold conversations in the last four weeks than during certain years of my life.
  6. Increased Don’t-Give-a-Fuckness.
  7. More confident body posture.
  8. Improved ability to hold eye contact.
  9. More resonant voice.
  10. Less cerebral, more active approach to life.
  11. Less self-doubt.
  12. Greater belief in my ability to meet amazing/beautiful women.
  13. Less desire for rest/unwinding.


  1. Constantly thinking about sex.
  2. Constantly thinking about sex.
  3. Constantly thinking about sex. This is a problem because right now I’m focusing all my energy on getting laid, and none of it on the creative projects I used to work on. Usually, this would bother me. But currently, I don’t care. I have no space in my brain for caring because I am:
  4. Constantly thinking about sex.

Huge props and gratitude to all fellow fapstronauts. The only reason I’ve made it this far is because I read this board like it is my job.

Let’s build amazing lives together.

LINK – Shocking Truth – The Superpowers Revealed!

by Buddhasorous