Life Before and Life After – Life changed…absolutely

What I felt before and after no fap:

  • Life is dull, no where to go and life’s a waste.
  • Porn is my world, girls are just sex toys.
  • There nothing called Love; there’s one universal truth i.e LUST.
  • All relations and bondings are false.
  • Everyone Faps so what’s the problem if i do too!!
  • Porn is SEX EDUCATION (LOL this was actually told to me when i saw my first porn clip)


  • Life is not only colorful but those colours are brighter than an HD screen, all directions are yours, just take a step, life was actually wasted when fapping 😛
  • Porn is a world for those who never want to be part of “real” world and girls are those beautiful creatures who can brighten your world.
  • There’s only one universal truth…LOVE, LOVE AND JUST LOVE.
  • Relation and heavenly bondings distinguish humans from animals. -Either they don’t know about NOFAP or might never have heard about internet.
  • LOL again if porn is really sex education I should have got a doctorate by now…. 😀

Trust me guys these 90 days had many ups and downs, but I never ever thought there could be so amazing and wonderful days of my life..njoi and say NO to fapping… journey starts to another milestone 180.

LINK – 90 days thoughts..(Life BEFORE and Life AFTER nofap)

by clone_panvel9

UPDATE – 200 days few things (tips) to share!!

200 days of simply NOFAP is awesome feeling as never thought will ever come so far, initial target was 50 days but came across so many different and amazing things in life that made determination of keep on walking on this amazing boulevard…felt like sharing few observations which I hope will help you guys too 🙂

1) Meditation: Started meditation on 20th day, went along with doing 15 minutes session everyday for around a month, felt no change whatsoever for those days but later due to hectic schedule and even due to my laziness left meditation for almost 2 months, I thought it was not helping me but few days later I was actually feeling that I must move back to meditation as my mind has to be controlled, so started meditation again and the experience is “delightful” to be expressed in brief, I will suggest you guys to download an app on your mobile phone for giving reminders that helps a lot even in any case you forget.

2) Short Targets: Try to keep short targets like 30 days or 60 days in initial days because the longer abstention (like 90 days) in initial days is too harsh (just saying), but it doesn’t mean that after shorter targets you must PMO, no stay away from porn, masturbate only in “extreme” need.

3) Read: Make habit of reading from daily newspaper to magazines, articles, books and all that material which will you to increase your knowledge as well as it will help you in studies or work.

4) Watch One Inspiring Movie/Documentary a week: Our life was so limited while PMOing that we never thought that we made porn stars our idols, but guys you can find thousands of movies around internet that are based on real life of individuals that will definitely inspire you to keep going.

5) Exercise: I am not saying that go and pump yourself in gym for hours but even simple exercise like push ups, cycling, jogging, swimming etc everyday can show amazing results on your body and your mind too.

6) Try not to disclose that you are into NOFAP: Few of fapstraunauts might not second my view but I think revealing something like this only give your friends a chance to poke fun about you, as they might not know what you have suffered and what exactly NOFAP is, so try to do it secretly, but always lend helping hand to a friend who you feel needs to join NOFAP.

7) Help one stranger: Try to help some homeless or poor chap once in week the feeling you get is amazing.

8) Cut down internet and social media: Try to cut down internet and social media as less as possible as though internet is a boon but still it prevents us from socializing with our dear ones.

9) Family Time: Try to spend as much time with your parents and siblings because according to me those guys love you the most, but they never show that 🙂

10) Think Positive: Just set aside all worries of future and what happen in past, live your life everyday with positive attitude…

UPDATE250 Days!!

Cant Believe 250 days completed….Life changed…absolutely…Cheers fellow fapstronauts! 😀