Married – delayed ejaculation & ED cured

Hi everyone, just a little history.

I have been addicted to porn since I found out about its existence when I was a pre-teen. I never thought it would be a problem, I masturbated several times a day. I was a lonely and shy guy so I never had any real relationships until I was in my 20’s. I then met a wonderful woman and ended up marrying her. When we first started dating (She was my first real sexual encounter) I realized that I couldn’t perform. This surprised me because I could masturbate for hours and keep an erection. It was at this point that I realized that I had a problem. I thought I could just push through the problems, that they would go away. I was wrong, it wasn’t until I came to this site that I found out that this isn’t an uncommon thing. So I joined on 02-08-2014 and had a few failed attempts to quit porn and masturbation.

But today I had a breakthrough! My wife and I were making love and I was able to finish inside here (Something that I could never before do)! I had been able to maintain an erection with a lot of practice, but I didn’t think that trying to quit porn and masturbation could be so effective (Even though they were failed attempts)! I am so thrilled!

To all those out there who think that failure won’t get you anywhere, just keep at it! The results will creep up on you without you even noticing!

BY Cthulhu

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