Married – I am happy

I have had a bumpy ride but I want to point out right now fapstronaughts, more important than 90 days, more important than fucking super powers is having that drive you feel in your heart to just KEEP GOING no matter what!

Firstly I want to start by saying thank you all, I wouldn’t have gotten here without the support of everyone on this sub! I’ve had months and months of horrible relapses and binges fapping again and again day after fucking day with no fucking end, untill I felt so sick and horrible inside and my balls couldn’t take it anymore just wanting to kill myself, depressed and wanting to just fucking end this shit, but you just pick yourself up, dust off your shit and keep going.

NoFap is like a journey and your going to hit many many bumps along the road, sometimes you fall over hard and you look behind you and think maybe you should just go back home. NO! Pick yourself up, dust off your shit and KEEP GOING! It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, theres only one way and instead of looking back and seeing an easy escape you have to look back and see how far you’ve come and just keep going!

So what is it like? How do I feel?

To be realistic I don’t feel like I have super powers, nor do I feel like I particularly care about having them, I am just happy and thats all I ever wanted from this. I came to NoFap because I was and still am a very damaged person because of porn and addiction and do you know what? I think its actually now going to be alright. I wont bore you with my personal bagage as I doubt you can be bothered reading a wall of text so I guess I’ll try and sum this up;

What is different?

  • I can now talk to women/most people without feeling akward/weird/guilty
  • I have a new job, infact I have my dream job
  • I am living with my wife in a really awesome nice flat
  • I am going to be a father!
  • I always put myself forward for things
  • I much much more positive
  • I can achieve things I put my mind too
  • I have more time and energy for activities I had long forgotten about
  • I don’t want to stop at 90 days!

My last two cents

  1. Don’t take this all too seriously, your going to relapse and you need to get over feeling shit about it or this 90 days is going to take forever.
  2. Don’t beat yourself up, vent on this sub, were all here for you!
  3. Please for the love of fuck stop thinking that because you didnt fap your going to bang chicks, I’m fucking sick and tired of this shitty circle jerk of twats using NoFap as a tool to get laid. Do it for yourself, whats the point of abstaining from porn which objectifies women and then going on to objectify them as walking talking fuck machines in real life? Get a grip you jerks!
  4. Take a break, seriously, get off the internet! NoFap is helpful but being around all this can really fuck up your head. Take a break and leave it for a bit!
  5. Understand that although everything around this sub is to help us, abstaining has to come from deep inside you. You can every porn blocker under the sun and live in a cave and hide away from everything. But that one time you feel shitty and sad you could relapse over just your thoughts, make the change inside not outside!
  6. Finally visit NEW more often, its fucking hard after a relapse and you know it, stop giving all these flash bastards on the front page with their “I’ve done 30 days”, “can’t believe I’m on day 60” your attention and help out a fellow fapstronaught looking for someone to confide in will ya!

Good luck to you all my wonderful brothers and sisters X

LINK – 90 Days, the feels…