Married – what I’ve noticed at 40 days

..this is what I have noticed thus far:

1) My poor wife. I can’t get enough of her! My wife would initiate sex and I would turn her down by making up some stupid excuse only to end up fapping later on. Since NoFap, the very thought of rolling in the sheets with her has me ready to go in seconds. This morning, she actually turned me down because she was worn out. It’s usually not a good thing getting turned down for sex but, in this case, it’s something to brag about.

2) Side boob is just side boob and it’s oh-so beautiful! It used to be then when I would notice a random hot chick on the street I would immediately undress her in my head and place her in a random porn scene doing nasty shit. Now, I sit back and just admire the side boob for what it is. A nice ass is just a nice ass. A great rack is just a fucking great rack. Random girls on the street are no longer my imaginary 30 second porn stars.

3) I swear a simple breeze gets me hard now. I used to have to browse gigs and gigs of porn to even to get it to move. Now, the mere thought of side boob (see number 2) is all it takes to get my soldier to stand at attention.

4) I look forward to sex again. Remember being 18 and looking forward to making it to your gf’s house before her parents got home? I no doubt spent thousands of dollars on cab rides until I got my car because waiting for a fucking bus would just not do. Well it’s like that for me again. I can’t wait to finish work just to get home and rip off my wife’s clothes. I never used to speed. I can’t stay below 100Km/H anymore, my fuel economy is going down the shitter because I look forward to getting laid again!

Thanks NoFap. You have saved me from future Viagra prescriptions and no doubt have saved my marriage in the long term.

ALSO: I have tremendous respect for my fellow NoFappers who are doing this in Hard Mode.

LINK – [Success Story] After nearly 40 days of NoFap…

 by YesSirIdLikeAnother