Me 3 months ago vs me now

I had a great morning today and didn’t even think about fapping. I just had a slight urge a moment ago, and while I was thinking about it I came to a big realization that I’d like to share…

Here is a run down of my thoughts on a typical morning during my last big relapse, about 3 months ago:

Wake up at 8am (work starts at 9)

“Ugh, I feel like crap, I wish I hadn’t stayed up all night”

“Fuck! I was meant to shower/shave… don’t have time now, I guess I’ll pass for presentable; it’s only been two days since my last shower, I’ll put extra deodorant on”

“I should really tidy up sometime, this place is a sty, and something smells bad…”

“Hmm, I really fancy a fap… I don’t really have time, but I can probably squeeze one in”

35 minutes later…

“BOLLOCKS! Why the fuck did I do that!? I haven’t even had breakfast, I guess I’ll wolf down some porridge real quick”

“Damn! I don’t have time to finish it, I’ll just put it next to the other half eaten bowl of porridge from yesterday, I’ll wash them later”

“FUCK! I was supposed to iron my shirt… I guess the one from yesterday will do, although I did wear it the day before… damn, it’s the best option I’ve got”

“Shit, I’m going to be late for work …maybe I can just squeeze an extra one out before I leave though…”

This is what happened this morning:

Wake up at 5:30am, get straight out of bed

“MMMmm that was a good nights sleep…Lets see what the to do list I wrote last night says… hmm workout day and a shave day… cool”

Quick rinse in a cold shower

“Oh that felt good, I love how I don’t hesitate or have to rush to get out now…oh I feel alive!”

Really good work out

“Wow, that’s 3 records today: most pull-ups, longest L sit, most archer push-ups, I’m starting to see a difference in my arms now… ooh! Protein shake, yeah man”

Long cold shower, shave

“Man I feel like a boss, what’s next on the list? Clean the bedroom… okay dokey”

“Woah… look at this place; it looks amazing, definitely going to have the right mood when (SO’s name) comes round tonight… Well that’s everything done, I guess I’ll go cook myself an awesome breakfast now”

“Well that was sweet … I’ve worked out, the house is sparkling, I look great, I feel great… let’s do this!”

Step out of the house, early for work, feeling like a boss.

So yeah… I’m not gonna fap.

LINK – Me 3 months ago vs me now.

by Regolith009