Mind is so much sharper, I am no longer numb to reality, lot more confidence

Benefits from nofap

(currently third attempt day 26. Have been fapping with only one day in a row pause max for 4 years):

  1. better vision. I shit you not. Before nofap, my eyes would go slightly out of focus on a regular bases when I was tired. Now, they stay focused the whole day.
  2. I notice coulours a lot more and differently. I don’t see more colours, it is that I see something and think “OMG that is a nice juicy yellow” instead of thinking “mmmh okay its yellow”.
  3. my body is physically fitter. I run faster and have better posture.
  4. My mind is so much sharper now. “The brain fog going away” is an excellent metaphore to describe the feeling. I am also a 100% sure this is due to nofap. When I relapsed one saturday noon, my brain only gave like 5% effort for the rest of the day. I felt “hungover”.
  5. I care again. I am no longer numb to reality. I no longer run away.
  6. Lot more self confidence.
  7. Better sense of taste. For the first time, I felt an urge to eat protein.
  8. I became more sensitive to real world inputs. College used to piss me off to an extend where it would make me miserable – now I actually fucking like it!
  9. I have a hell of a lot more of confidence around people, men and women. I never considered myself having an actual social anxiety. I rationalized it: I is just human to be a little shy blablabla. In retrospect I think I might have had one.
  10. I like people more. I have dropped the “Be useful for me or gtfo” thought scheme. I just have a genuine affection for humans : )
  11. My ability to empathize with people has increased.
  12. Better sleep. I have again the feeling of waking up refreshed, which I have not felt in fucking years.
  13. My thinking has become more positive. I used to think that pessimistic thinking was rational. Now I know it is all about neurochemistry.
  14. I see women a lot differently:

a) they seem a LOT more attractive. My senses get recalibrated to real women. I caught myself thinking: “Oh she has nice big tits. Wait a minute … they aren’t even big! This size would have never interested me before!” I can also appreciate beautiful faces again. It was mindblowing: I went to college and the same girls looked SO much prettier!

b) I see women as humans, not as sexual objects. This is also kind of weird, since I didn’t consciously think that. Only through the change I noticed how my previous thinking was wrong.

c) I don’t jump to sex in my head right away. I have other thoughts about protecting them, hugging them etc…

d) I notice women a lot more. I thought: “Have there always been so many women at my university?”

  1. I finally have a motivation to go out there and find a girlfriend. I am fucking 20 and have never had a girllfriend, now I know where the apathy came from.
  2. Obviously, your penis benefits from nofap. I had the usual benefits like increased sensitivity and raging boners ( I had to go to the toilet to open my fucking pants cause my dick was pressing so hard against my jeans that it hurt). I also found out that hey: the red spots on my glans weren’t from any disease, but from friction! Now the skin starts to look healthy.

Well, that’s all I can think of right now.

I honestly feel like a different person, which was weird and new sometimes.

I am finally living life to the fullest I can : )

LINK – Benefits from nofap – another report (there can’t be too many 😉

by Newtonnn