More confidence and energy, brain fog gone, friends jealous


17 years old male, started nofap since this years January 1st, relpased a couple times in this period, but overall i feel happy for the streak that i have now. So as the title says, i am pretty quickly losing my friends who i have known for 11-12 years( since kindergarden).

Thats really funny in one way, since we are all so close we talked about nofap a lot, and i said that its not bullshit, YOU DO GET MORE CONFIDENT, YOU DO HAVE MORE ENERGY, YOU DO SLEEP WELL, YOUR BRAINFOG DISSAPEARS AFTER A WHILE, and so on and so forth.

All of them gave it a try. ( i have 6 buddies) they all failed in 1 week. We met up again and they said, ah its bullsiht, not fapping is too hard, fapping like once or twice a week wont make a big deal. And so we carried on with our lives, i kinda started to stop motivating them with this nofap thing just because i didin’t see any motivation in their eyes.

Now lets go to the fun part. In my period of nofap i changed A LOT, like without a doubt the most i have changed in my life so far, i started exercising, studies have been going well, girls like me a lot more than my friends ( although i am definetly not the hottest guy in our group) i have hobbies, i read a lot, i am confident, i speak my mind up, i meditate, take cold showers, you get it, basically i do everything that a successful confident man should do if he wants to live the life he knows he is capable of living.


We meet up at one of my friends house, as usual we play poker, have a few non alcoholic drinks and just have fun, listen to some music, maybe invite some girls, just a cool saturday party. There are like 10-11 people there, and in the middle of the fun, my semi-drunk friend starts talking about me. How cool i am, how confident, how smart, how athletic, and that its bothering him. He basically said in our language “You are too good, i don’t like it” that gets everyone’s attention in the room, it suddenly gets a lot more quiet, and everyone is staring at me. My other friend adds “He doesn’t even need to exercise that much to have a six pack, i am trying for 3 years and still trying to bulk up” and lastly another friend goes ” yeah… if only i had his brain, there wouldn’t be a single problem in my life i couldn’t solve”.

I am just sitting there like WTF? I am generally a pretty humble guy when it comes to success, but at that moment it was clear, they were jealous of what i have, jealous of what i am, and made it clear, i was better than them. The next week they didn’t invite me to hang out with them for the first time in years, i saw the snapchat story of them partying at some girl’s house, all of them, except me, gonna be honest, it hurt pretty bad.

So yeah, my main idea i want to adress here is that, you actually need courage to start nofap, you need courage to change your life, so if your trying it or just starting it, congratulate yourself, as you can see not everyone can walk it, some people are just very good at talking it.

LINK – Nofap is making me lose my whole life known buddies?

By attachmentboy