More confident & assertive, Reduced anxiety in social situations, More attention from girls, And better erections.


Hi all, just a quick post about the benefits I have experienced from completely cutting out porn and porn-substitutes for the past month. Included under porn-subs are anything that allows me to “dopamine surf” like games, watching YouTube, eating junk or browsing the web aimlessly.

  1. I feel more confident, comfortable in my own skin
  2. Reduced anxiety in social situations, more fluid social interactions
  3. Can hold conversation with people whilst looking them in the eye
  4. More attention and attraction from girls – very noticeable
  5. Bigger, harder longer-lasting erections in the morning
  6. I can begin visualizing the future again…a feeling called hope!
  7. More time to accomplish duties and responsibilities
  8. No shame anymore! Feels liberating
  9. Lost weight
  10. More assertive: I can challenge others if I feel they are wrong

This has been my longest streak in almost 2 years. I have been able to achieve this by admitting to myself that I am an addict, and taking defensive action against exposure to porn – porn blockers, deleting suggestive apps (e.g. Instagram), changing my environment etc.

Hope this inspires others to keep going!

LINK – The Ten Benefits of 30 Days NoFap

by sakeen