More energy, feel happier, motivation way up, more respect

I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing one of these, but I feel obligated after learning much and being motivated by the other 90 Day-ers who came before me. I felt like I had to give back to my community. 🙂 Hopefully, if you’re just starting to experiment with Nofap, this will help reassure you this is something worth attempting. I’m not a fan of reading walls of text that don’t say much of anything, so I’ll try to keep it brief.

First of all, this isn’t my first attempt. I’ve had several lengthy streaks ranging inbetween 30-70 days each and I’ve generally had similar results. Nothing but good things have happened since I’ve embraced the Nofap lifestyle. I’ve become a firm believer in retaining my splooge.

What I’ve noticed Nofap has done for me To those of you who’re tackling HARD MODE, embrace it. You’ll be experiencing Nofap in it’s most potent form. I feel as though orgasms in general will tone down the benefits of this challenge, but that’s just in my anecdotal experience. Just a few things I’ve noticed Nofap do for me in general have been: 1. I get more stares from women and they are generally more flirty with me. * 2. *More energy. Work outs are more intense. I just feel more masculine. I can feel it in the way I walk. Motivation to be productive is also WAY up. 3. I generally feel happier. Music sounds better to me. 4. Felt like I was getting more respect from people. They just behave differently around you.

What’s changed during this streak A lot has happened in the past three months. Some things due to a nudge from Nofap, others maybe not. I’m 21 and was a high school drop out, just spending my time working, saving a bit of money, and playing with the idea of going to college but never actually following up on it. I had no vehicle so I was getting rides to work from my grandparents, whom I lived with(I felt like a middle schooler). On top of this, I hadn’t had a girlfriend in four years because I felt like no one would want to date someone in such a position, for good reason. On to the things that have improved for me during this streak!

  1. Bought a new model vehicle. Over the past year, in which I was experimenting with Nofap on and off, I’ve saved up enough money for a vehicle. What a coincidence that I made the effort to go and obtain it in the first 30 days of this streak.

2.Enrolled in college I’ve always known that I wanted to go to school to study Computer Science, but I hadn’t taken any real steps to do so until recently. I’m only a little over a month into this semester, but hey, all A’s so far.

  1. Found an amazing girl and am in a relationship Typically, I’ve found most of the times I’ve been on a Nofap streak of decent length(30+ days) I would chat up at least one girl(getting number, texting, all that jazz), but never really attempt to date them. That was for a variety of factors, but this time around I met a girl I wanted to pursue. It just so happened that it was someone I had been working in the same store with for almost a year and a half but had never really spoken to. I had seen her around and thought she was very pretty and smart, but never tried to initiate conversation(we worked in separate parts of the store so I didn’t get too many chances anyway). 10 or so days into this streak, she greets me by name from way across a room(despite having never done this) and that led to flirting and texting, which led to me asking her out on a date. (She told me afterwards that no one had ever asked her out on a “date” like I had face to face before, which was a huge ego boost.) Currently, we’ve been dating for two months and people have referred to us as the “power couple” where we work. I feel like I won the lottery with this girl, we have so much in common.


Do fucking Nofap, buddies. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

LINK – 90(+1) Days Report: A summary, benefits, yadda yadda..

by Harmonials