More energy, Minimal brain fog, Stronger erections Increased confidence, Decreased anxiety Happiness flows easier, Increased motivation

Hey ladies and gents. I’m about 30 days in, but I wanted to make a post now instead of waiting a couple more days because there’s been some interesting events happen to me. I’ll break this up into two parts: Physical/Psychological Benefits and Odd Benefits.

Note: As many fapstronauts have pointed out, physical/psychological benefits often overflow into social/career/other benefits. I’m not trying to suggest that the two categories are inherently separate, rather, it’s easier to arrange them in this manner.


  • Deeper tone of voice
  • More energy, even with suboptimal amounts of sleep
  • Minimal brain fog
  • Stronger erections
  • Increased confidence, decreased anxiety
  • Happiness flows easier, some brief days of lows
  • Increased motivation

Odd Benefits

  • Had an attractive girl approach me on campus and tell me she’s seen me around and would love to get to know me. We’ve talked several times since then, and our conversations flow so effortlessly. Previously, I would’ve planned out what to say in my head and second-guessed myself in conversation with an attractive girl. This is different, it’s like our energy feeds off of each other and I genuinely care more about the exchange itself rather than how she will see me or how I come across. Very enjoyable, I anticipate walking with this girl on campus several more times throughout this semester.
  • Met a separate girl and we exchanged snapchats. First few days were normal pictures back and forth, some small flirting. Few days ago received some provocative images from her without asking her or “setting the mood” whatsoever. Just randomly opened snapchat and she had sent them. She asked me to come over for some fun, again, no coaxing on my side of the phone it was all her idea. (I mark this as “odd” because i’ve never had a woman openly invite me to have fun with her. Sure, I might arrange a netflix and chill date with some girl off tinder…but it always felt like I was the one pulling the conversations along and I was the one pushing for things to happen. This girl was just attracted to me and made 100% of the advancements)
  • Before nofap, I would find myself submitting to other men and accepting what they had to say to avoid conflict. Now, I have this strange surge of confidence to stand tall and not fear another man. When I defend myself, the other man backs off no questions asked.
  • A sense of clarity, such as when i’m driving I can see lights reflecting off of passing cars or I can see the small details in ordinary objects. I notice body language easier and I can recognize the intention behind people’s statements rather than just the words themselves. It’s easier to notice smells and other details that usually slip past my conscious attention. This could be a product of meditation, which I highly recommend if you haven’t picked up this habit already.
  • And finally a big one for me, I enjoy the act of socializing. I’ve always considered myself an introvert who didn’t enjoy small-talk or pointless conversation. This has changed a lot, I actually find a lot of joy from just talking to a stranger about their day or asking someone about their plans after college.

My other daily habits that contribute to these subjective results:

  • Weightlifting
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Journaling
  • Listening to podcasts and audiobooks on general life satisfaction
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Clean living space and vehicle

Supplements that contribute to my subjective results:

Magnesium, Zinc, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Sports Multi-Vitamin

I’d like to thank everyone for your support, you’ve all been amazing. I’ve read a lot of posts on nofap, and each one has helped motivate me. After facing crippling depression and anxiety, I decided to quit smoking cannabis and afterwards I decided to also drop porn and masturbation. If anyone is questioning whether or not these changes are effective towards building a happier more satisfying life, I would answer with a resounding yes. If you have any questions, comment below or shoot me a message, I’d love to help this community in any way I can!


LINK – Benefits and Strange Happenings

by Knowles202