More focus, productivity, energy & manliness. No more social anxiety or shaky legs

Before I found this sub, I heard about the harms of fapping from a gym coach years ago. I didn’t believe him at first because the internet and all these articles about the benefits of fapping convinced me otherwise.

However, I tried nofap for 2 weeks and i was amazed with the results. I felt like my prime years when i was a teenager. I literally felt that I’m a new person.

Benefits seen after 90 days:

  • More gains at the gym
  • More focus
  • No shaky legs around hot girls and doing a PP presentation
  • When i speak in class (I swear to god, half of the girls turn their heads to listen to what I’m saying )
  • Clearer skin
  • MORE productivity, energy
  • I started reading a lot (I actually now read for pleasure books about self-improvement )
  • More control of my facial expressions
  • Deeper voice.
  • Social anxiety who?
  • Smiling more often 
  • Want to bang every chick i meet even the 2s, I feel their femininity
  • I just basically become more manly

I gotta say i became a freak about self improvement in all aspects of my life Advice? Meditate, keep yourself busy (no disrespect but, if you have better things to worry about you will forget about fapping, get a life). And do not do nofap for a chick (u will probably relapse when she rejects u or break up with u, do it for yourself).

And yeah my friends a couple of days ago were talking about fapping and porn they were trying to be funny but, i wanted to throw up because of the disgust.

Lifestyle that what makes u who u are. And read The way of the superior man book

Good luck

LINK – 90 days benefits

by daking90