Most of my emotional problems are cleared, including depression. Women look at me differently

I use to post on here a lot and had a detailed journal. I’m trying to get back into it just to show those struggling what it’s like to make it over a 100 days. It’s not easy, but if you keep at it repeatedly, the brain will remember and the cravings become less of a problem. Mind you this is my third or forth attempt to get to over 90 days and recently I broke my all time record of 99 days (where I relapsed on day 100), the cravings DO pop up once in a while. But I feel like porn will be a thing of the past for me and want to have a normal, sexual life.

On this attempt, I’m just going to briefly explain the good and the bad with not looking at porn or masturbating for 100 + days, at least with me. Also I should add that I do go to strip clubs and have fantasized frequently about sex (though that has stopped recently).

The Good:

  • Most of my emotional problems are cleared. Although maybe due to the fantasizing, I still get socially nervous when I’m with people at bars.
  • My depression is GONE, and my generalized anxiety is for the most part gone as well.
  • Libido kicks in big time! The cravings are not as bad to look at porn but you get really turned on about the prospects of being with a woman.
  • Women look at you differently in a positive way and smile at you! It’s also much easier to approach them without a care in the world. I’ve interacted with several women lately, but ended up screwing up/dodging a bullet but the chance for sex was easily there.
  • Exercise is easier to do, as in I can lift weights and run with motivation rather than make excuses (due to this I lost 60 lbs recently in 5 months).
  • My mind is sharper.

The Bad:

  • I ended up having sex recently. The situation was out of my norm: BSDM (me doing it to her, not the other way around). She was cute and much older, but I wasn’t lusting over her. Unfortunately I still had issues getting it up. Was it the attractiveness factor? The new venture in sex? I ended up experimenting during this session and realized the things I see in porn were NOT what I was sexually into. I’m actually more into straight out sex and kissing instead of fulfilling my porn fantasies.
  • Also to add, premature ejaculation. Ever since I started NoFap/No PMO my penis becomes INCREDIBLY sensitive. A girl I met on OKCupid gave me oral sex and I was ready to go in under a minute. It was impossible to stop! With the BSDM woman I ended up lasting long. I attribute this to the supplement I was taking at the time, Phenibut (Warning: do NOT take this! Terrible side effects!). It helps with GABA and apparently I’ve read many reports of guys lasting longer because of it. So I’m looking into more natural GABA boosters/receptor healers and hoping this will solve that issue.

So currently I’ve given up all sorts of fantasies and physical stimulation of myself. Right now my libido is low which I’m going to just stay on course. I’ve seen a few porn pictures recently by accident and on purpose and I’ve had no issues over it. I really don’t have any motivation to watch a porn movie either, though if I continue the thought I’m sure I’ll gave in. Hopefully this helps anyone who feels like caving in (don’t!). Check out my journal and see how much I’ve struggled over this shit! I wish you all good luck.

* Note: Currently supplementing with magnesium citrate 1 gram for my mood and as well to combat the premature ejaculation. Also taking borax for the boron content which boosts testosterone, and taking a spoonful of celery seed for the eugenol + nitric oxide properties.

LINK – Making it over 110 days without porn or masturbation

BY – jj314