My +1000th plus try to get to 90 days. (Update – made it to 500 days)

And my life is truly better. For all reading this and wondering about superpowers, progress, or the like, just know life is better in a measurable way. I have much more self control than I’ve had in ages.

This is my +1000th plus try, but my first time with NoFap. It was a real fight, and will continue to be so. Here’s a quick breakdown since my last update.

Days 40-60 were really good, a fight for sure, but not as rough as later (even now).

Week 10 was a huge milestone for me. That was my longest streak in 8 years. Now I’m ready to break my longest recorded streak ever (100+). Ever since then I’ve been struggling again with boredom at the computer. I’ve got to keep myself more busy and disciplined, but since I’ve been getting stuff done in life, I’ve got some free time every now and again.

At 80 days, I found out my mom has cancer. This made NoFap take on more meaning for me personally. I want to show her this and tell her what’s been wrong with me all these years, and I want to do it soon.

Finally last night I did 100 pushups straight! I’d seen it suggested on NoFap and have been working at it for about 8 weeks. I went to post my success and saw that was also the night I completed the 90 day challenge!!! This was a no edging run. Also, I’m on night 83 of my exercising streak.

What’s next? Greater focus on self control. I’ve slipped a couple of times and looked at naked images, but I’m really proud that each time I’ve stopped and said I don’t want this. or yelled at myself and shut the computer down. For me this is a success because I’m exercising self control. I’d like to root out all desire to see a naked lady, but it’s a natural desire I need to rewire toward getting a real woman in my life, permanently.

To that end I’ve definitely been more outgoing by leaps and bounds (superpower for me). I’ve invited women over for a couple of parties that I’ve thrown and it’s been good. I hope to get better at interacting with the pretty ladies and helping one of them to realize I’m becoming a really awesome man!

This is not farewell however. I’ll still be around as I have more to work on. I’m considering a /r/pornfree badge, but at the moment it’s redundant to me. Time to press forward and continue to fight!

TL;DR: It took me 90 days to get here, please read the bold at least.

P.S. The war is pretty cool. I hope to get in on it next time around. I’m a total Periwinkle.

LINK – **THREE STAR!!!** I made to 90 days! I’m a better man for it. Thanks NoFap.

by I_Want_To_Be_Free


UPDATE – 500 days.

It’s (still) not easy, but it’s worth it.

My mantras help me a lot. Sorry I don’t have something more insightful for you right now, but I’ve earned a life, and it’s keeping me busy.

Now it’s time for a run.

Just one more day. Just one more day…

Edit: oh yeah. Stay away from porn. But you already knew that; right? 😉