My change over time: from an anxious sissy to a fearless fighter (Muay Thai boxing)

In the past many called me a weak person. I was scared, lazy, and totally out of shape. I did not have any passions in life, other than gaming, eating junk food, smoking weed and fapping.

Last year, I decided that I couldn’t live on like this. So I decided to change. I started jogging with a friend of mine. That wasn’t enough. I still got called a weak person with no ambition. So my nephew challenged me to sign up for Muay Thai boxing. I accepted his challenge. At this point I was still was scared and did not strife for anything.

In february I decided to quit with the bad stuff. I stopped smoking weed and tobacco, I worked out a lot more and didn’t eat unhealthy. I lost 38 KG in 1,5 years and was getting in shape. Still, there was something holding me back, and that was fapping.. I still did not pocess the mentality that I wanted.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone. So I signed up to fight, not on the streets, but in the ring. I told my trainer in October that I wanted to fight. In the same month I joined NoFap. I wanted to quit the very last thing holding my back to become the person I wanted to be! I was easily intimidated and got scared pretty fast. I couldn’t handle social pressure and never wanted to do something in front of a lot of people. Why? Because I was scared..I’ve been trying and I was 7 days into NoFap when I was supposed to fight.

Last night (20 december) my fight was scheduled in Groningen. It was a 3 hour drive to get there… 72 KG, no protection etc. People around me, even family, were still calling me a weakling and they kept telling me that I would get knocked out or chicken out. When I arrived at the event I was as cool as can be. No nerves nothing. I waited for 9 hours before I could fight (you need to weigh-in and wait for your turn). There were 36 fights, and I was number 31…

The moment came that I was called to get prepared at the stage. When I went down the stairs, I was calm and focussed. Ready for whatever was coming. I walked towards the ring into a crowd of people. I was not afraid. I did not feel fear instead I felt like a man. My trainer told me a few things, helped me with my gloves and told me to fight no matter what. My oppenent was a very skilled person. He was in shape and he had a complete entourage (no kidding, he had 40 friends etc in the crowd).

The referee called us. At this moment I was as focussed as a lion about to attack his prey. Looking straight at him, no looking away, no holding back. We waited for the bell… and then 2 men started to fight for their right of victory. The feeling I had during that fight cannot be described in words. It was the best experience I ever had. I would get punched and I enjoyed it. I kept fighting, taunting him. The crowd went bezerk. Cheering for me, yelling my name. I wanted more. The match was over so quickly, that I almost have no memory of it. One thing I do remember is that in that fight I was the person I wanted to be. The boy who was a coward and did nothing, became a man that night.

The match ended in a draw. The referee didn’t see my knock down, because I punched the mouthpiece out of the mouth of my opponent. He did not see him walking backwards, almost falling because he did not know where hè was. Still it was a good fight.

When I left the ring everyone looked at me and told me that I fought very well and some of them even called me by my name. Even the entourage and fight school of my opponent came to me and told me I fought very well. Even his trainer said that I fought an excellent match. My opponent respected my as did other fighters. I was in a state of extacy. Even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t think of this.

When my trainers and I drove home from Groningen, again 3 hours to get back home. He told me that he saw a true fighter in the ring today and that he did not drive to the other side of the Netherlands for nothing. He told me that I needed to work on a few thing and that I would be an excellent fighter. You guys don’t know my trainer, but he is a very straight foward guy. He never lies, or never gives compliments without reason. So when he told me that, I knew that I did well.

Change is the most important thing in life. Some changes happen without your control.. that is true. Still, as a person, you need to change the things you do have control over.. Why? A year ago I was a coward pointing my finger at everything and blaming them. It got me nowhere!! A year later, when I decided that I could not live like this anymore things started to change! I became the man I wanted to be! So stop making excuses and start now.

Thank you guys! This subreddit helped me out a lot.

LINK – My change over time: from an anxious sissy to a fearless fighter

by – FreshPrinceNL