My confidence is sky-rocketing, I feel more attractive, I feel hungrier for knowledge and self-improvement

120 days is a third of a year… I am very happy about it. After 90 days I was not sure about what to do next, but I decided to go for 120 days. Having a goal is essential to be motivated to keep the journey going. My next goal is one year!

This was my 90 days post:

So, what changed in these 30 days? Well, urges are much lower, my confidence is sky-rocketing, I feel more attractive. I also have 2 dates this week, which is huge for me 😀

I have also tried to find new (positive) habits. I read more often, do a bit more exercise, and eat better. Overall, I feel hungrier for knowledge and want to improve myself all the time. Any minute is a chance to learn!

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LINK – 120 days, bitches!!! (AMA)



EARLIER POST – 90 Days – There and Back Again. (AMA)

“This is tough”. That’s what I thought many times. On the other hand, giving up was never an option. Ironically, I discovered this subreddit while searching for porn. I used to fap on average once per day, using porn most of those times. After about 2 weeks of NoFap, I almost relapsed. What stopped me was watching the Ted talk by Gary Wilson (The great porn experiment). Afterwards, I never edged again. Some days were easy, some days were hard. Does it become easier or harder along the way? Well, I think it’s…different. You see, there still strong urges and temptations, but now I have more experience in dealing with them. So, as along as I remain focused, it can be easier. What else helped me? Coming to this subreddit every day was essential! The community is awesome and gives alot of support and knowledge. Seeing my badge grow was also a huge motivator. Some fapstronauts don’t need it, but for me it was crucial to measure my progress. Also, it made me think of how I would not want to start all over again. Fuck the zero… Truth is, I’m a lazy guy. I like to achieve things with the smallest amount of effort possible. So, the cycle of trying-relapsing-trying was not an efficient option for me. This was my first attempt, and hopefully the last one.


  • I don’t feel the social anxiety that haunted me for years. I can now be comfortable around other people. Eye contact is much easier and natural.
  • Girls are more attracted to me. Also, I’m not afraid of being rejected.
  • Improved voice tone.
  • Instead of craving for porn, my body and mind are pressuring me to ask real girls out (had a date last week).
  • I feel more manly.