My first 90 days – This has absolutely been worth it

There were times when I thought this wasn’t possible when I would make it to a month and then would relapse. But if I can do it so can you. Here’s how I got serious about not masturbating. Maybe this can help you

  • Tell somebody you don’t want to tell

I confessed to my girlfriend when I relapsed. She cried and was severely disappointed but she was glad that I felt comfortable enough to tell her. This was 90 days ago.

  • Understand that masturbation in any form is not really natural. You have a problem.

Some people may disagree with this and that’s fine. I hope you won’t flame me out for saying this. I was a very irregular masturbator. Once a month but also when I started I had a hard time stopping for a week. I started listening to the first few episodes of pornfree radio and listening to this man’s account of his masturbation and porn addiction made me realize that I was struggling with a lot of the same deep rooted shame that masturbating to crazy porn puts you in.

  • This is your life. Do you really want to spend another second of it masturbating?

Some people who have near death experiences say that their life flashed before their eyes when they were about to die. Would you want to see yourself proverbially sucking your thumb through your young adult/adult years? I think That most of us really would not. I think we’re made for better things.

  • Masturbation is a crutch that prevents you from growing as a person.

Life can throw some crazy things at you and you would probably like to be able to handle it with grace. If you are having a hard time not masturbating I can tell you from experience that I was dealing with feelings of not being lovable (this is what pornfree radio talks about).

There’s a lot of talk of super powers in this subreddit. Whether it’s for hooking up with actual women or just general enhanced cognitive capacity.

  • I can’t say that I have superpowers now but I will say that I am the most in control of my behavior that I ever have been.

I am a vegetarian about to go vegan. I am studying mathematics and I now know how to reallly learn the material (it takes a lot of effort). I am getting checked out way more than I usually do (I am in university and I have a serious girlfriend so this is not something I wanted but hey). I work out consistently and feel very confident in my abilities generally. I meditate consistently also.

  • I still have issues with my mind automatically looking at a girl’s butt in yoga pants. I am in more control than I have been in a long time but still I am not where I want to be in this regard.
  • When I was getting serious about quitting masturbation I read that somebody wore a rubber band around their wrist to snap themselves when they would drift off and start fantasizing. I tried it and although I couldn’t remember to snap myself wearing the rubber band around my wrist served as a constant reminder of what I wanted to accomplish. I think it helped.
  • Today is the only day you can influence. Take NoFap one day at a time and you can succeed. I believe in all of you. This has absolutely been worth it.
  • What do you stand to lose from severing your relationship with porn vs. what do you stand to gain from not masturbating to porn? Be honest with yourself and I think you’ll know where you want to go next.
  • Porn is the true enemy. I suggest that those who wish to quit masturbating take porn just as seriously as not masturbating. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to be tempted.

Good luck everybody. See you at 365.

LINK – My first 90 days – Or: how I learned to stop masturbating and love myself (the bomb)

by goofylilwayne